‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Fans Finally Meet Whitney Way Thore’s Fiance Chase And They Like Him A Lot

Whitney Way Thore and Chase

My Big Fat Fabulous Life debuted another season on Tuesday night. Fans knew from the teasers that Whitney Way Thore returned. And, we also heard she met a guy. Later, they became engaged in France. And, the show brings us that journey. In the premiere, fans met Chase and most fans like him a lot.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Chase seems very kind

TV Shows Ace reported in December that Whitney Way Thore and Chase became engaged. And later, over in Paris, Whitney even suggested she could persuade him to marry her in  Saint Germain. Whitney didn’t keep Chase a secret on her Instagram, so fans already knew she fell in love with him. On the show, he seems very kind and patient with her. But what else should fans know about him?

Heavy wrote about some things fans may not know about the new cast member of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The outlet noted that he thinks that Buddy Bell, still loves Whitney. Recall at the end of the last season, we saw Whitney and Buddy kiss. So, when news comes that she is dating Chase, her friends seemed really surprised. And, fans noticed during the premiere that Buddy acts really jealous. Another thing they dug up about Chase is that he likes dogs. The outlet also noted, “Chase is clearly a social adventurer, as his Instagram page is filled with photos of the reality star traveling, biking, swimming and spending time with friends.”

Fans discover Chase seems kind-hearted

Fans talked about a scene where they saw Whitney and Chase swinging on a hammock. Presumably, a really strong one, as Whitney still carries a lot of weight. While fans felt that when she asked him to guess her weight, it was a bit of a hard question, he managed to show some kindness. He actually said he thought she weighed about the same as him, or slightly more, like 250-lbs. One tweet read, “Why would you ask him to guess your weight Whitney? That was so uncomfortable. I get it that you’re trying to gage his thoughts about your weight but that was just painful to watch (SIC).”

But fans on YouTube loved the way Chase handled the star from My Big Fat Fabulous Life. One person said, “Chase said… 250. That’s a kind man!!!” Another fan wrote, “Chase is cute seems like a good nice guy good for her.” Meanwhile, yet another fan commented, “Awww chase seems so lovely.” And then this one summed it up: “He did a good job trying to think about her feelings, good reaction to someone asking how much someone weighs.”

Twitterati thinks Chase is kind and cute

Over on Twitter, not so many people spoke about Chase being kind, But, they certainly noticed that he and Whitney seem very cute together. One follower wrote, “@whitneywaythore and Chase are so fricken cute!!!” Another posted, “All these tension on here I can’t take it. Poor @whitneywaythore at least she got a man. He cute.” And, this My Big Fat Fabulous Life fan commented, “@whitneywaythore you are so cute talking to Chase about Buddy …. like uh uh uh uh cuteness.”

What did you think of Chase? Do you think he’s kind and rather cute? Do you hope this all works out for Whitney Way Thore? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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