Jana Duggar Of ‘Counting On’ Shares How She Gets Salon Quality Nails For Less

Jana Duggar, Instagram

The Duggars love to save money. Often, they’ll share their tips with their fans. Jana Duggar recently took to her Instagram and YouTube to do just that. While the Duggars will go to the salon sometimes, they also like DIY methods.

Jana posted on her YouTube how she gets salon perfect gel nails at home. The Counting On star posted a simple video less than four minutes showing viewers what she does. In a caption she said, “simple steps and how I do my own gel nails at home!”


What Is Jana Duggar’s Money Saving Process?

Jana Duggar walked viewers through her process. She starts with alcohol pads and ends with a LED lamp. A professional job costs more than thirty dollars, so it really is a cost-efficient way to do the beauty treatment.

Fans commented they were thrilled she shared her tips with them. One fan said, “Thank you! I love having my nails done but hate the price tag of the salon.” According to The Cheat Sheet, other Duggars love sharing their beauty tips as well. Jessa posted her hair care routine and how she cut her son’s hair. A lot of the family cuts their own hair to save money.

Jessa Duggar said she will only wash her hair every other night and lets it dry on her pillow over night. According to People the secret to her curls is an inexpensive Conair curling iron and Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray. She also shared she used a homemade conditioning spray her mother used on her as a kid. It’s made with a little conditioner and water shaken up in a bottle to smooth and detangle.

Some Fans Were Concerned About Her Nails

While most fans loved Jana Duggar’s tips, some expressed concern for her nails. In one comment she mentioned she just peels the gel off of her nails when they start to chip. A viewer said, “Please don’t peel! It creates micro tears in the mail that causes them to weaken and break. It also opens your nails up to fungal infections if you apply polish over the top of them.” She went on to say she should file the top of the polish and then soak in a non-acetone remover.

Another said she attended nail tech school and Jana needed to leave her nails in the LED lamp longer to cure the polish well. Fans hope she’ll share more of her money saving and beauty hacks with them.

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