Security Intervenes As Nene Leakes And Kenya Moore Throw Down During New ‘RHOA’ Episode

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Real Housewives episodes are known to get heated. That’s no less true for the RHOA episode that is coming up. A preview showed stars Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore get into a huge fight during the episode. In the video clip, Nene launches for Kenya. Tension has been up for a few weeks between several of the cast and accusations are running rampant.

The argument started in Marlo Hampton’s room with all the wives reportedly going to confront, ‘the snake.’ Porsha Williams told Yovanna Momplaisir she had to leave. Nene stood between the two of them to avoid a fight. After Yovanna was taken out of the room Porhsa yelled after her. Then this argument calmed down and another broke out.

Nene Leakes And Kenya Moore Heated Up At The Reunion

Nene Leakes asked Cynthia Bailey if she could explain a scandal involving a secret recording according to OK Magazine. Cynthia told her she’d talk to her some other time. Kenya weighed in saying, “you should have said it when you had time to say it Nene.” Nene promptly told her to shut up. The two exchanged expletives getting more and more volatile.

This escalated with the two of them yelling at each other until Nene finally launched herself in Kenya. They yelled at each other and security prepared to step in. Marlo managed to pull Kenya back and calm her a bit but the tension was palpable.

What Was The Deal With The Secret Recording?

Nene Leakes said she heard Cynthia talking about her, “like a dog.” She told co-star Kandi she didn’t care what she said, she was just telling her she talked about her. She also said, “not only that, but she spoke to someone else that we both know in common and have talked about me like a dog, and unfortunately for her, they recorded everything you said. That’s right.”

Nene Leakes hasn’t been everyone’s favorite housewife lately. She just recently denied fat-shaming Porsha after she gave birth. She said, “try dieting, that’s something you’ve never been good at.” Porsha shared the comments saying this is what she sent her six days after her child was born. Porsha denied it had to do with her giving birth saying, “you were fat before you got pregnant,” according to People. Fans are looking forward to what should be an explosive conclusion to a dramatic season.

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