‘BIP’ Alum Jade Roper Slams Breastfeeding Troll On Social Media

BIP Jade Roper

BIP couple, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert welcomed Brooks who came along really fast, in their home this year. Afterward, Jade suffered a few mental health issues. Plus, she also stressed a bit about mom guilt, feeling bad when she’s not with her son. But, she regularly updates on her family and seems to be doing just fine as a mom. However, trolls abound, even at Christmas, and one slammed her for a pic showing her breastfeeding her son. Jade hit back at them

BIP – Jade Roper stressed and suffered some mental health issues – who needs trolls?

TV Shows Ace noticed that the trolls even come out at Christmas. And now Jade Roper became their target as well. But, she slammed back at them. And, that seems only fair, fans think.  We know that Jade struggled for a bit after the super-fast arrival of her son Brooks. The shock of that, and possibly a touch of postpartum depression resulted in her turning to Tanner for help. We also reported that she went through a tough time, feeling some mom guilt. But, she seems a lot happier now.

Well, she seemed happier. They enjoyed their Christmas with Brooks and her daughter. Plus, they took a bit of a step back from the household chores. Over on Instagram, Jade shared a loving mom-style pic of her breastfeeding Brooks. She mentioned how they made it a “lazy” day, just hanging out and watching some football. Typically Christmas, the BIP couple just left the present wrappings lying around as they enjoyed family time. But, a troll decided to hammer at her.


Troll gets a slap back from Jade after criticizing breastfeeding mom

On her Instagram stories, Jade shared a lovely little vid of Brooks. Nothing untoward went on in the post. In fact, she covered well, and the tiny little bit of boob’s not even really noticeable. Instead of agreeing that motherhood’s beautiful, one troll tried to spoil Jade’s day. They commented, “Stop!!!! We don’t want to see that. At least put up a warning.” Well, warning for what? Some fans obviously think that’s extremely immature and silly.

Jade slammed at the troll. After all, it’s perfectly natural feeding a baby at the breast. Jade replied, “Breastfeeding is a natural way some babies eat.” Then the BIP mom added the kicker, “So sorry, no warning here. You see more boob in a bikini.” And, she’s right. The Internet age brought and disseminated so much information, that almost everyone knows breastfeeding’s good for a baby. She’s not alone in dealing with this sort of attitude though. US Weekly noted that Bachelor alum Carly Waddell also mentioned mom-shaming’s prevalent on social media.

BIP Jade Roper slams troll
Image credits – Jade Roper | Instagram

Why is breastfeeding natural and good for the baby?

WebMD explained that natural feeding of baby’s helpful with boosting immunity in the child. Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. It has a nearly perfect mix of vitamins, protein, and fat — everything your baby needs to grow,” they stated. And, it helps prevent allergies and infections. While society shouldn’t pressure mom into breastfeeding, the personal choice is quite acceptable.

Actually, some moms feel very unhappy if they can’t manage to breastfeed. So, for Jade Roper of BIP, some fans might think she’s lucky that she can do so. What did you think about the comment by the troll about needing a warning on Jade’s picture? Do you think this is ignorant, spiteful, and ridiculous? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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