JP Rosenbaum Suffering From Horrible Headaches, Can’t Hold Children Following Rare Diagnosis

'Bachelorette' Ashley and JP Rosenbaum via Instagram

JP Rosenbaum was diagnosed with a very rare syndrome this past Sunday. JP has Guillain-Barré syndrome. Just to refresh everyone, Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare neurological disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves. TV Shows Ace shared news of his diagnosis, but now he is suffering from serious side effects of the illness.

How is Guillain-Barré syndrome affecting JP?

US Weekly shared that JP went to Instagram to give his fans an update on Tuesday. He shared that he was released from the hospital on Monday and is resting comfortably at home. He said, “Clearly I have not changed or showered in a while. This morning was pretty brutal, I had some pretty severe migraines. I’ve never had a migraine before and these were just incapacitating. I couldn’t move, talk or anything. It was rough.”

JP was infused with IVIG, or intravenous immunoglobulin, a human blood product made up of antibodies. This costly infusion has become the gold standard for treating a variety of immunodeficiency disorders. This is also the cause of JP’s excruciating migraines.

These are not the only issues he is having. E! News also shared other information JP revealed on social media. Everyday tasks are not easy for JP right now. He said, “Things you do every day, like picking up this phone, or buttoning buttons, tying shoelaces, putting on deodorant, just can’t do it. Picking up my kids, can’t do it. Wiping your ass, maybe TMI, but might have Ashley assist on the next one.”

JP has a long road ahead of him

Former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum shared the news of her husband’s illness on Sunday. She informed fans what was going on with him. Later she went back to Instagram to give fans an update and also thank everyone for their support. She said it may be a long road to a full recovery for JP.

JP updated fans again on Wednesday evening and said, “I still can’t hold myself up, I still can’t hold my kids. I still can’t manipulate things in my hands, I can’t open a bottle, I can’t turn a key. There’s lots I can’t do. but there’s still lots I can do. Tomorrow is my first appointment with my neurologist and we’ll see what he says with regards to next steps. So, good day.”

Fans will be waiting anxiously for more news on JP and his progress back to normal. In some cases, unfortunately, 100% recovery does not happen. Send positive thoughts to JP and Ashley as they work their way through this long journey.


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