‘Vanderpump Rules’: Christmas Tree Donations – Fans Fear Jax Taylor’s Getting Conned

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Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor and his wife Brittany donated a Christmas tree to someone who couldn’t afford one. In the true spirit of Christmas, his generosity struck the right chord. But some fans fear his Christmas tree donations will result in him getting conned. He’s now invited any fan who can’t afford a tree to contact him.

Vanderpump Rules – Jax Taylor’s tear-jerker at Christmas

TV Shows Ace reported on December 8 that Jax Taylor tracked down someone who mentioned they couldn’t afford a Christmas tree. It came via a tweet on Twitter and he tried reaching out but got no reply. Eventually, he shared an Instagram Story about it. Somehow, he managed to get ahold of the person in need and rejoiced about it. He promised the person the tree would arrive on December 12.  That very touching story seemed to represent a different kind of Jax: Jax Taylor the philanthropist, a Jax his dad would be very proud of.

Following his happy news that he helped a person in need, Jax then shared new posts to Facebook and Instagram about Christmas trees. His new post on both sites said, “First of all, Happy Holidays! ” Then he added, “If you are going through a tough time and don’t have the funds for a tree, message me.” The Vanderpump Rules star added, “would love to help you out, ” adding, “we should all have a tree at Christmas.” There’s a proviso though, and he said they need to “Send me a pic of it on Christmas Day.” Then, on his Instagram, he added, “Please only the people that need it. 💟✝️🎄.”

Christmas tree donation – ‘only people who need it’ – fans fear Jax Taylor’s getting conned

Fans wonder if Jax Tayor’s getting contacted by those people who can afford a tree. While they love this generosity, they worry that people try and scam the Vanderpump Rules couple. Many comments about his kindness went out, and Jax replied to some of them. On one comment, he said, “If you don’t need one but a friend does, message me. I am so blessed you all watch our show, I wish I could do more!”

Naturally, fans responded with joy, and here’s what just a few of them said:

  • (Facebook) – “So sweet and kind of you Jax, I just love you and your wonderful wife Brittany. You have a huge heart to do this, I’m ok myself, but wanted to say God Bless, and have a Great Christmas. ❤️❤️❤️🎄.”
  • (Facebook) – “So cool that you are doing this! I saw your story earlier when you were seeking out a gal who was down on her luck! Thank you for helping others! It really shows how big of a heart you and Brittany have! Merry Christmas 🎄💚❤️💙💛.”
  • (Instagram) – “well done jax – special gesture and love to brittany.”
  • (Instagram) – “Nothing brings joy like a fresh x mas tree, cheers man!!!!”

But some people cautioned the Vanderpump Rules stars as they don’t think everyone’s honest.

Will people try and con Jax Taylor? Some fans fear for him

People like Jax who care and share sometimes become targets by people who con others. One fan cautioned Jax saying, “I’ve got a feeling people are really going to take advantage of his generosity. His heart is in the right place but unfortunately, people are going to use that to their advantage.” Another skeptic noted, “everyone who lives in the states needs it!! Might as well grab ankles.” More kindly, another Vanderpump Rules fan said, “I hope people aren’t taking advantage of you. Such a kind – gesture. 🎄♥️🎄♥️.”


What do you think? Do you think that fans are right to fear Jax Taylor’s generosity at Christmas will end up being abused? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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