Anna Duggar Misses Family Thanksgiving As Did Joy-Anna Forsyth & Jill Dillard

Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar joined Joy-Anna Forsyth and Jill Dillard when she missed out on the Duggar family Thanksgiving this year. The Duggars love a big Thanksgiving gathering. Family and friends all gather around to remember what they’re grateful for. However,  this year some notable faces were missing.

Anna Duggar, Jill Dillard, Joy-Anna absent from Thanksgiving gathering

 TV Shows Ace reported that Anna and Josh Duggar welcomed their new baby, Maryella Hope the day before Thanksgiving. We also noted that they named their baby Maryella, in honor of Grandmother Mary who passed away earlier this year. Reportedly an uncomplicated birth, no doubt that’s one reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. But, Anna didn’t do it with the rest of the Duggar clan. Likewise, Jill Dillard and Joy-Anna never made it either.

In another article, we noted that Jill Dillard fans grow concerned, as she and Derick live in Arkansas. But, they chose to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends rather than the Duggar family. So, that accounted for some missing faces. Then, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth went off to spend Thanksgiving with his family in Texas.

Mind you, they might struggle to find lots to be thankful for. The Blast reported that allegedly, Austin’s being sued over one of the homes he renovated and flipped off. Apparently, “he installed a septic system in one of the homes and he had not received any permit for it.”

Baby Maryella took priority for Anna at Thanksgiving

In her Thanksgiving post on Instagram, Anna explained that she “spent Thanksgiving Day in bed resting and bonding with Maryella Hope.” But, she did participate in the Thanksgiving chain. She noted, ” When it came time for our family to read our Thanksgiving chain, I threw a sweater over my nightgown joined the rest of our family for this special tradition…and then I headed back to bed! Thankful the kiddos got to go spend time with extended family as well today…lots to be thankful for!”

We don’t know whether Josh went to the main Duggar gathering. He may have stayed in with Anna to share taking care of their sixth child, In reply to her message, one fan noted, “You just had a baby! Get in bed and let dad do the work!”

Another fan of Anna Duggar said, “Happy Thanksgiving! Now go get your pjs on, cuddle up with that baby and rest!”

Well, it seems she took that advice anyway. Another follower said, “Anna, as a Nurse observing you, I think you are hurting. You just had [a] baby and really need to take it easy!! Your children are just precious!!!”

What do you think about Anna Duggar missing out on the Duggar clan’s Thanksgiving gathering? Do you think she made a sensible choice? Sound off your thoughts in the comment below.

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