‘OutDaughtered’: Quint Hazel Learns To Swim This Summer (Video)

OutDaughtered Hazel learns to swim

OutDaughtered fans noted that the Busby family lived in a  home with a swimming pool. Many of them hoped the kids could swim. And it seems they turned their attention to that this summer. They taught quint Hazel how to swim. Adam Busby shared the video on his YouTube as they “got behind” on things like that with their Brazil trip.

Outdaughtered video shows Hazel learning to swim and she’s very cute

Hazel’s definitely become a fan-favorite on the TLC show. And, luckily, even when the show’s not running, we often see her featured on the Its A Buzz World vlog on YouTube. We reported that Adam and Danielle went to Brazil on a bible mission. Now, Adam shared on the video of Hazel swimming that they got “behind” on sharing things like Hazel learning to swim. He mentioned the pleasure he got watching her. Apparently, it all went down on Labor Day.

In the video, we see the OutDaughtered quint swimming with her eyeglasses on. As Adam noted, “all the girls knew how to swim except for Hazel.” Adam also said she had this fear. But finally, the “breakthrough” came along. Spending time with Nana seemed to do the trick. She seemed determined to teach Hazel that she could do it. Initially, she used a float to help her stay on top of the water. Actually, every time she swam across the pool with the float, her confidence got higher.

The breakthrough for Hazel

It takes lots of patience to stick with teaching kids to swim. But, Nana just kept on, over and over, praising Hazel when she did the right thing. Eventually, she went from splashing her hands, to using her arms to push her way through the water. Meanwhile, the other quints swam around happily, so maybe that helped motivate the remaining OutDaughtered quint.  Watching the vlog, we can see that Hazel held her breath for a very long time. And, she naturally got really out of breath.

However, eventually they got Hazel off the float and she did the breaststroke without it. Once she got the hang of that, the other quints clapped and encouraged her from the side of the pool. Finally, we see that Hazel manages to catch a breath while swimming and then carry on. As she gets more confident, Hazel looks so proud and happy, especially when Adam praises her. Next, the OutDaughtered dad taught Hazel how to duck down and retrieve an item from the bottom of the pool. At the end of the video, Adam said on the It’s A Buzz World channel how special it felt watching Hazel as she fought her fears.

What do you think about quint Hazel being the last to learn how to swim? Did you think she did very well in the video? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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