Kyle Cooke And Amanda Batula Of ‘Summer House’ Are Still Getting Married

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Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula from Summer House insist they’re still getting married after over a year of being engaged. According to People they’re looking at a date in the fall. Right after getting engaged they had a lot on their plates. They’d just started a new business together and moved into a new house.

Cooke said, “we were eating food and sitting on the floor, a year ago today.” They didn’t have any furniture. They also said the scope of their wedding is an issue. Batula said she’s thinking in September will be the perfect time. She said, “I’ve always wanted a fall wedding.” Cooke agreed saying, “I’ve always wanted a fall wedding too. When I got down on one knee, I was like, I wanted to marry her in the fall.”

Kyle Cooke And Amanda Batula Are Now Planning Their Wedding

Batula said, with all their family and friends the wedding would easily have more than 140 people. Kyle Cooke said that you’d think there would be a lot of big venues in New York but when you’re pushing 200 guests, they’re nothing. He said he was surprised at how small the pool becomes when you have a larger guest list.

They had one venue fall through and then they left for the Hamptons every weekend in the summer. In other words, time and life got away from them so they’re starting the planning over. So, now they’re trying to plan again with a fall date in mind. They know some details, they want a small wedding party for sure.

Familiar Faces May Be In The Wedding Party

Batula said she doesn’t like it when the bride and groom have a hundred friends in their wedding party. Kyle Cooke said it was hard for him to narrow down who he wanted to be in it. He said, “I have two brothers and a future brother-in-law so I’m already up three.” Batula said they hadn’t added anyone else but fans may recognize some people in the line up. The process of planning the wedding will be in full view of fans when Season 4 of Summer House starts in February. They will be with four OGs Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner. There are two new roommates Jules Dauod and Luke Gulbranson. Former cast mates Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi will come back as friends of the cast.

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