’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Jallali Mourns ‘Second Mother’ Who Passed Away – Who Is She?

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90 Day Fiance fans know that Laura Jallali has an ‘adopted brother,’ Ludwin. TV Shows Ace wrote a few articles about him. Now, they just found out she also had a ‘second mother.’ On her Instagram, Laura posted a sad tribute saying that she just passed away. For the first time in ages, the TLC alum opened comments and many people went there to post their condolences. But who is this second mother?

90 Day Fiance alum Laura Jallali shares but the death of her ‘second mother’

On her Instagram on Sunday morning, Laura shared about her ‘second mother’ who died. She shared a photo and captioned it. The caption read, “My sweet second mother got her wings today to soar above us all where she will have no more pain and live in paradise but she will be missed so much by many of us who’s life she touched. Love you Cathy Lechner.” Fans responded and many of them said how sorry they were. One fan said, “She was lucky to have you!!” Meanwhile, another noted, “My condolences to you and the family. May she Rest In Paradise”

One fan commented, “That’s really sh*tty. Sorry to hear of your loss Laura.” Many similar comments went her way and one 90 Day Fiance follower shared a long prayer for the new spiritual life of Laura’s ‘second mother.” Some fans, not meaning to be rude made reference to her possibly being a mother-in-law. But one fan openly asked how her ‘second mother’ fitted into Laura’s life. They asked, “Who is this & how was she your 2nd mother? Seriously no snark, just wondering.” No reply came, so we went off to find out. Whether she’s a relative or not seems unknown. But, we did find out who she was.

90 Day fiance laura jallali second mother post

Cathy Lechner – ‘second mother’ to Laura was with Cathy Lechner Ministries

The photo that Laura shared is the same one shared on the Instagram page of Cathy Lechner Ministries. Over there, four days ago, it seemed Cathy was not well. They captioned their pic with, “Please stand with us in prayer and intercession for our beloved Prophet Cathy for her complete healing.” Now she passed away, one follower commented, “My deepest sympathy to the Lechner family and all of those who loved her dearly. She touched the lives of many with her love for the Lord. May she find comfort in His arms as he welcomed her home.”


So, it seems that Cathy Lechner might not be Laura’s actual mother in any way. The 90 Day Fiance star might have simply felt she was a motherly influence in her life. Cathy Lechner reached a lot of people in her lifetime. On her main Ministries Website, it says that she had a “prophetic ministry” that “touched thousands of lives from all around the world.” These included famous people, politicians, and ordinary people. She wrote several books, one called Couldn’t We Just Kill Em And Tell God They Died? It was about “overcoming difficult relationships with your family and friends.” Maybe Laura could use a re-read of that.

What do you think about Laura Jallali telling fans her ‘second mother’ died? Do you think she was really related to her or was Cathy Lechner a ‘spiritual’ mother to her? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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