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‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax Taylor Goes Off At Random On A Twitter Stranger, Gets Accused Of Homophobia

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Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor loves his hockey and on Twitter, he often comments about it. But he went off at random on November 4 on a stranger. It ended up with fans criticizing him. He later removed the tweet but carried on the arguments for a while. Not only did fans think Jax bullied someone, but they accused him of being homophobic.

Vanderpump Rules fans angry as Jax Taylor attacks a random stranger on social media

TV Shows Ace reported that Jax Taylor “knows Brittany Cartwright hooked up with Kristen Doute three years ago and his response then was that it didn’t bother him.” He’s not that apologetic for sleeping with other women over the years. But, while he took some flak on Twitter, he usually responds only to people with a personal issue against him. Or, he ignores them. Seldom does he suddenly go out to start a fight on his Twitter. Not so this month. While the original tweet got deleted,  nothing on social media ever gets lost forever.

Reality Blurb found the tweet while it was still up and they took a screenshot of it. The outlet noted, “the Vanderpump Rules star set his sights on a man named Mike.” They noted “[he] innocently shared a post about hockey that didn’t mention Jax at all. “Does @adidashockey need some designers? #woof,” Mike wrote. It came in “response to a couple of photos of the Nashville Predators’ Winter Classic sweaters.” Jax hit at him with, “Funny my wife said the same thing about your profile pic… Mike.” Well, the fight started, and Mike hit back at Jax with a comment about Brittany. Fans of the show got irritated as the fight escalated.

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor tweet
Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor tweet

The argument gets into homophobia

Fans got irritated with Jax as he kept the argument in poor taste going, tweeting at one stage, “Typical zit faced douche who chips company’s for attention. Go back to your parents basement homie.” Eventually, accusations that Jax acted anti-LGBTQ came up. And, other followers accused Jax of homophobia. It came after he said, “Your the type of guy who is in frat and claims he loves women, but secretly is bending over his roommate ‘chadd’ while wearing boat shoes. 20 bucks says I hit the nail on the head with this loser.”

Since then, the conversation picked up in another thread in a tweet by the Vanderpump Rules star. Jax wrote, “I lived in West Hollywood for 15 years, worked at the abbey (highest grossing bar in the country) (gay bar). I walked in 4 gay pride parades.” He adds, his good friend “Lance bass ” married them. Plus he added that gay friends account for 50 percent of his besties. Then he said, “But yes, You got me, I am homophobic… people are idiots.” Of course, fans also responded to that tweet.

Fans react to Jax

In response, one follower noted, “Then he said, ‘my best friend is Black’ smh.” To reply to that another follower said, “Exactly my thoughts. Anytime someone uses that argument I immediately think RACISTS!” One fan noted the original tweet got removed. They asked, “Why remove the tweet is there’s no truth to the statement?”  Another person noted, “Let your words and your actions say the same thing… if your not homophobic then stop using language that is…”

What do you think about Jax Taylor hitting out at a random stranger and ending up being accused of being homophobic? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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