Rob Kardashian Wants To Get Rid Of Lawsuit And Appears To Have Lost Weight

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Rob Kardashian is rarely seen in public since his very public relationship and baby with Blac Chyna. Unlike his famous sisters, Rob doesn’t care for the spotlight. A former friend of Blac Chyna is suing him and he’s just filed to have the case thrown out.

According to The Blast he says the man filing the lawsuit, Pilot Jones shouldn’t put the blame on him. The blame should all fall on his ex.

What Is Rob Kardashian Being Sued For?

The lawsuit comes from Pilot Jones who accused the couple of exposing him as gay to the public. He says the couple leaked his phone number and sent him threatening messages. Rob has asked a judge to throw the case out. The documents state that, he denies having anything to do with Pilot’s claims and that Blac Chyna is the one to blame.

Among other things Pilot claimed Rob Kardashian threatened to hire a hitman against him. He also said Kardashian used homophobic slurs. The alleged text from Rob said, “this is my Wife and you about to get your a-s beat by every Mexican in LA including me. I promise you that. . .AND IF U DON’T THINK I GOT FOOLS IN ATLANTA we are going to beat your a-s.”

When a picture  released to the media showed Pilot making out with Blac Chyna, Jones said Rob blamed him. He then exposed him as bisexual before leaking his phone number. Rob denies having anything to do with either of those things.

Jones Is Suing For Two Million In Damages

Pilot Jones said the whole ordeal disrupted his life so much he tried to commit suicide. He’s suing for damages of 2 million dollars.

Rob Kardashian’s statement said, “I never conspired with Ms. White or anyone else to “execute a campaign of cyberbullying against Jones…I never threatened to disseminate private information about Jones to the public, including without limitation his sexual orientation, his cell phone or his email address.”

The Only Male Sibling Is Making Some Changes

In a photo with his toddler dream Rob channeled King Pepe from Trolls and fans noticed he looked thinner.  Rob also put in an appearance at a party thrown for his sister Kendall Jenner. Fans noticed he looked a lot thinner than he had in previously photographs.

Reportedly he snuggled up to Kylie’s best friend Stassie. Seems Rob is making some changes in his life for the better. A divorce and a custody battle came out of the last relationship he had with a friend of the family, so fans will have to wait to see how this goes.

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