Fans Of ‘RHOC’ Drag Vicki Gunvalson For Suing Costar Kelly Dodd

Vicki Gunvalson, Instagram

The fued between Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd of RHOC continues with a lawsuit. Vicki is suing Kelly for comments she made on a not yet aired episode. Fans are not having it and dragging her on Instagram.

Reportedly Kelly said Vicki Gunvalson used and scammed older people. In her job as a financial and retirement advisor, these are serious accusations. Vicki said this could be very damaging to her business and wasn’t true.

What Are Fans Saying About Vicki Gunvalson Suing Kelly?

Fans think Vicki Gunvalson suing Kelly for words is hypocritical as she’s said things about Dodd in the past. Kelly didn’t sue her for her disparaging comments. According to The Blast, “no drama but you show your hypocrisy by suing Kelly when you have done the same thing?”

Vicki Gunvalson made a point in the suit to say she’d never been sued in her over three decades of business. A fan said, “@vgunvalson was sued by an 82 year old woman, yet recently on an interview she said that she’s never been sued.” That fan hashtagged it with the word lies.

The Former RHOC Star Dropped The Suit Against Everyone But Kelly

In the beginning Vickie Gunvalson was also suing Bravo until a judge denied her suit against them. Another fan posted, “suing Bravo is a good way to exit.”

At the first of October according to The Blast, Vicki wrote the network telling them if the comments aired it would harm her reputation. The article also says Vickie Gunvalson thinks Dodd is referencing a current lawsuit she’s dealing with which negates her comment she’s never been sued.

The RHOC Star Doesn’t Want The Footage To Air

Vickie Gunvalson is demanding the footage not be broadcast. She says it would have a, “long-lasting ripple effect on her career as a whole.” Vicki was denied a restraining order against Dodd but allowed to carry on with the lawsuit.

According to The Blast Vicki is suing for an undisclosed amount for. She’s suing for “her mental and emotional distress along with lost profits, compensation and loss to her reputation.”

Some fans wonder if Vicki Gunvalson will be blocked from the reunion. They also think she might not be allowed to continue on RHOC as a friend of the wives. In the past housewives suing other housewives does not end well. The reunion starts filming in less than a week. There’s still a lot to come when dealing with this feud and fans are ready for it.

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