‘The Little Couple’: Zoey Turns Out As An Astronaut For Halloween’s Trick Or Treat

The Little Couple Zoey

The Little Couple fans may recall that two years ago, we saw Will dress up in his astronaut outfit for Halloween. This year, Zoey chose one, and she looked very cute. It’s interesting that she chose the space costume. Recall, we also saw the kids in 2015 visiting the space simulator and Zoey really hated the astronauts. They looked scary to her back then.

The Little Couple – Will as Harry Potter, Zoey as an astronaut

Lots can change in a couple of years, and both the cute kids, Will and Zoey grow up before our very eyes. Not an astronaut this time, Will chose a Harry Potter outfit. Hopefully, he’s enjoying reading the books. It looks like Zoey’s outgrowing her “princess and mermaid” fantasies. An astronaut’s much more inclusive these days, anyway. TV Shows Ace noted that in the last season, we saw “Zoey swimming with the mermaids, and she loved it. Will swam like a seal and did so very confidently. However, Zoey seems to struggle a bit with going down under the water.”

Harry Potter Will sounds like a lot of fun. And, maybe Zoey heard the news about NASA’s all-woman spacewalk this month. Space.com reported, “NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson said, “I think the milestone is hopefully this will now be considered normal … not to overshadow women [who] have been doing spacewalks for 35 years. I think many of us are looking forward to this just being normal.” Well, by the time The Little Couple kids hit adulthood, Zoey might even end up being one of those new-normal space exploration women.


Trick or treating with Will and Zoey

Dr. Jen Arnold took to her Instagram on Halloween to share some photos of the kids all ready for trick or treating. The first photo showed them indoors, the others showed them lining up. The mom of The Little Couple captioned it with, “Trick or Treat Time!” She used the hashtags “#HappyHalloween #littlecouple #sugarrush #trickortreat.” Fans loved the pictures and commented on them. One fan said, “Cool costumes! Happy Halloween!🎃🐬🙂.”

Other fans loved Will in his Harry Potter outfit. “Is Will Harry Potter? If he is, fantastic costume,” noted one person. Another said, “Omg I love his costume!! Both of them are so cute 😍.” But, we never saw Bill or Jen in the photos. However, we do know that at work the staff made an effort for Halloween. In that post, Dr. Jen shared, she dressed as…well something. Maybe our readers know? She captioned it with, “Birds of a Feather Sim Together! Here’s to all our amazing patients! Sim team is ready to “Reverse Trick or Treat”- A great way to bring Treats to kids who are in the hospital on #Halloween.”


What did you think of Zoey dressing up as an astronaut this year for Halloween’s trick or treat? Did you think she looked very cute? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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