’90 Day Fiance’: New ‘Talkers Of Fraud’ Podcast Hits Legal Issues Soon After Launch

90 day fiance podcast talkers of fraud hits legal issues

90 Day Fiance fans got a new podcast just a week ago.

TV Shows Ace reported that they kicked off their first episode on Wednesday, October 23. But, they hit some legal issues and The Talkers Of Fraud podcast no longer features two influencers in partnership. One of those partners, @FraudedByTLC on Instagram made the announcement on Tuesday night.

90 Day Fiance Talkers of Fraud podcast allegedly hit legal issues from one partner

@Talker_of_Shits_ and @FraudedByTLC originally paired up for the podcast. However, it unraveled faster than Angela Deem craving a nicotine hit. On the announcement, it said, “On Monday morning I learned of some information about Talker.” Apparently, it showed Frauded that Talker was “not who she presented herself to be.” The post continued with, “Her actions have created a large legal mess. and as a result, I have cut ties with her personally and professionally.”

Explaining further, the 90 Day Fiance influencer said, “For legal reasons, she will no longer be a part of Talker Of Fraud: The Fraudcast.” Plus, @frauded noted that she wants people to please just be patient and bear with them until they “adjust course.” They promised that in future they would still talk, but only “from the cast” and not with @Talkers. The message got signed by the FraudedbyTLC account.

Fans step in and comment on the legal issues of the Talkers of Fraud

Naturally, concerned fans asked questions and commented on the shocking news. Here’s what some of those 90 Day Fiance fans said:

  • “I liked their podcast as I liked their lives wow just wow!”
  • “Oh my goodness. You can’t tell us what, can you? So sorry to hear. I know you were excited about doing the podcast as a team.”
  • “ok. Im so blown away by this its fkn nutz. I know you will come out on top bc your smart AF! Podcast was awesome tonight btw.”
  • “Very sorry to hear this terrible news it’s unfortunate because you seemed like such an awesome and cool partnership! Take care and best wishes.”
  • “Drama within the drama.”

Some 90 Day Fiance fans, now suspicious of @Talker_of_Shits_ immediately said they would unfollow that account. Others want all the juicy details.


Will fans find out what happened between the partners of the podcast?

Fans of the show really want to know what went on. Several of them asked if @frauded would be able to elaborate at some stage. One fan noted, “What the what?!? I need details.” Another asked, “Uhhhhh…..need more info please!” To all the questions @frauded replied, they were hopeful they’d be able to share the details. And, in case you get confused, the remaining member of the podcast is @FraudedByTLC, the one with “the 2 black dogs and 2 cats and older kids!”

What do you think went wrong with the partners of the Talkers of Fraud podcast? Do you hope they iron our these legal issues so we can tune in more hot tea? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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