‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Dean Unglert Became A Nomad, Would Danielle Lombard Have Liked That?

Dean Unglert skis again

Bachelor in Paradise fans know from the last season that Dean Unglert took to life as a nomad.

TV Shows Ace reported, “Dean has become a nomad living in a van with a mustache horrible enough to make you cringe every time you see him.”

We saw him a few seasons back string along Danielle Lombard. Would she have taken to life as a nomad?

Bachelor in Paradise alum Danielle Lombard living as a nomad like Dean Unglert’s not likely

We know that Dean took off with his hot date from the show, Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Now, introduced to life in a roving van, she seems open to the idea of an unconventional lifestyle. Cheatsheet reminds us that they seem strong, and recently got into the spirit of Halloween. But, while Caelynn took to nomad life with enthusiasm, perhaps Danielle Lombard would have walked away from it.

 ET Online spoke to her about it, and she wishes the Bachelor in Paradise couple well. But, for her, probably the roving van life wouldn’t have captured her heart very much. As she explained, taking a vacation on the road’s one thing, but living the life permanently – not so much.

Catching up with Danielle at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Hollywood, she felt like she’s on a different path from that. “I like coming back to like a nice bed and having AC in my house,” she said.

Danielle Lombard’s not dating anyone special

In the meantime, Danielle also said that she’s not actually dating anyone special. She noted that she’s”definitely single.” While she goes on dates, that special person that clicks eludes her right now.

But, if she keeps dressing as she did on Instagram, in a strapless white bikini, certainly, she’ll catch someone’s eye. Danielle looks simply stunning. Fans said to her, “Absolutely insanely stunning,” and “So unique and so beautiful.”


Meanwhile, Bachelor In Paradise star Dean Unglert’s quite busy on his social media as well. Often, he talks about his nomadic lifestyle. A week ago he shared, “living in a van for the past five months has taught me that the left lane on an interstate is almost always in better condition than the right lane.

“One or two fans took a dig at him, asking how he affords to drive around so much. One asked him to pay her “student loan.” Another asked if he actually works “a proper job.”

Caelynn seems into the road life

In a rather strange tweet, Dean Unglert posted, “It’s been 8 days since my last shower. i’m omw to caelynns now so i told her i’d stop off somewhere to clean myself before i get there. she told me not to because she wants to know what i smell like. and i think it’s important people know this.”


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