‘DWTS’ Star Hannah B Begs Instagram For Sore Feet Advice

DWTS fans can’t wait for the next episode, but sometimes we forget the toll dancing takes on the body.

Hannah B’s fans always say how amazing it is that Hannah manages her dances in those high heels. But, that’s not easy and Hannah B is in pain.  In fact, her feet feel so sore that she begged fans for advice on her Instagram Stories. Plus, Adam Bersten agreed “it’s been a super-long week,” and shared a short clip of Hannah’s swollen feet.

DWTS – Hannah B and Adam head for the ice as her sore feet look so swollen

Hannah B already injured her foot before. TV Shows Ace reported, “Hannah Brown has continued to write her DWTS diary for Bustle. At the beginning of week six, Hannah stepped on her own foot! Brown was dancing the samba and stepped on her own foot with her heel. She bruised it really bad and it stayed swollen. She had physical therapy for her foot and was worried about what she did to it.” Well, her feet still trouble her.

Hannah’s DWTS partner, Alan Bersten shared in his short Story that Hannah’s feet were so sore and swollen they were about to head to the ice bath. He even snapped a shot clip of her swollen ankles and feet. Hannah didn’t like that, but that never stopped her from asking for some help on her Instagram.

DWTS Hannah Bs swollen feet
DWTS Hannah B’s swollen feet – Screenshot via Alan Bersten | Instagram Stories

Hannah B asks fans for advice about her very sore feet

Taking the matter into her own hands, and not trusting all to the ice bath, Hannah asked her fans for help. She said in her Story, “HELP. My feet are beyond swollen and hurt bad.”

She added, “Flying back to LA now to dance a lot because I perform on @dancingabc tomorrow.”

Hannah seems quite bad though, as she also posted, “However, right now having troubles walking on these puffy puppies.”

The DWTS star ended with, “Any advice/ tips for swollen feet?”

DWTS Hannah B asks for help
Hannah B Instagram Stories

Health Cleveland Clinic suggests she could use compression socks and elevate her feet. They also suggested, “Soak your feet and ankles for 15 to 20 minutes in a cool bath filled with Epsom salt to relieve swelling-associated pain.” But, even then it could take some time to reverse the swelling and pain.

Hopefully, Hannah B manages to work her way through the pain of the upcoming show. What do you think? Do you believe that strong Hannah might just carry off her dance and not show a flicker of pain from her sore feet? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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