‘Chrisley Knows Best’: Todd Scares Chloe’s Nanny Nearly To Death With His Pranks

Chloe and Todd Chrisley

Chrisley Knows Best often shows Todd getting up to pranks. On his Instagram on Tuesday, Todd shared a number of videos of Chloe’s nanny,  Andrea. And, it looks like she had a scary day in the Chrisley home. In the first video, we see her in the kitchen singing happily. But, she probably stopped singing by the end of a long day of pranking.

Chrisley Knows Best dad Todd might be hard to work for – Chloe’s Nanny’s given a hard time

On his Instagram, Todd posted up some videos of a woman singing in the kitchen and getting pranked a lot. One follower thought it might be a new domestic assistant, as they noted he advertised for one. Maybe they featured as well because we later saw Andrea explaining things to a woman who also got pranked. Anyway, Todd explained that the woman singing and mainly getting pranked is in fact, Andrea, Chloe’s nanny.

In the first video, we see her in the kitchen just singing beautifully and cooking. Well, there were others before that. In the previous one, he stood behind the door and shouted as she came into the room, to the delight of Chloe who laughs. But, once she settles into the kitchen chores, Todd starts filming her, and then shouts out behind her, “Yes Honey yes!” Well, that gave her a small fright. But it’s Andrea’s day for the Chrisley Knows Best dad’s naughty intentions. Next, we see her in the kitchen after she dished up breakfast. Todd tells her he’s filming her, and she hams it up for the camera. Obviously they enjoy a fun relationship.


Getting pranked so many times

After the kitchen scene, Andrea goes about her duties in the home. One of those seems to be teaching someone duties, maybe a new person on the staff. Todd creeps up to the door, then screams out “Haaaaa!” which scares everyone. Next, we see Todd in the garage lurking. Although he promised his fans the pranks were over, nope. Again, he yells and jumps out from behind the door. Poor Andrea nearly has a heart attack! And no, that’s not the end of Andrea’s prank day.

The Chrisley Knows Best dad hadn’t given up on Andrea yet. In the final video, we see him share about Andrea taking Lilo out. He captioned it with, “It’s a shame when you can’t take Lilo out for a piss without pissing yourself.” In the video, we see Andrea coming in through the gated door. As she turns, he again screams out “Haaaaa!” Once more, poor Andrea’s left screaming and scared. Employer or not, she shouts at Todd, “I’m gonna kick your *ss.”


It sure looks like working for Todd Chrisey could be a nerve-wracking experience. What do you think of him pranking Chloe’s nanny so often? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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