’90 Day Fiance’ Star Aladin Jallali Denies Wanting To Get To The USA, Wishes Laura Well With Her ‘Men’

90 day fiance Aladin jallali

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell-All came and went. Now, the cast opens up more on social media.

Aladin Jallali held a Q&A on Instagram on Tuesday and revealed that he wishes Laura well with her “men.” He also denied in a way that he ever wanted any kind of green card or citizenship for the USA. However, he would date another woman foreign to his home country of Tunisia if someone right came along.

90 Day Fiance fans saw Aladin Jallali say he wanted a divorce from Laura during the Tell All

Ahead of the Tell All, fans heard rumors that Aladin would tell Laura he wanted a divorce. This came to pass and now she made her way to Ecuador. There, she makes like she and Evelin’s ex – Raul are getting cozy and personal. But with Laura, one just never knows what to believe. And, on his Q&A, Aladin just posted an emoji of someone shrugging when asked about that. Firmly, Aladin mentioned in his Q&A that he and Laura really finished, using the word, “kaput” when asked if they really split. As far as he’s concerned, it looks like Laura’s well in his past and he’s not looking back.

Many fans of Laura suggested that the only reason Aladin took up with her in the first place was for a green card. After it got revealed that Laura’s Canadian, they then thought maybe we wanted to get into Canada. But, it looks like neither country holds much appeal for Aladin. The 90 Day Fiance alum, now back in Tunisia, and not in Qatar at the moment seems quite happy right where he is for now. Also, he says he holds no permanent grudge against Laura and the way things worked out.

Aladin’s Q&A about Laura, her men and the green card issue

Fans sent in questions and Aladin answered many of them. One fan asked, “Are you and Laura still together?” Aladin replied, “No. Definitely not.” Then maybe being a bit sarcastic, as he used the plural, he said, “But I wish her no harm.” He added the stinger, “And [I] wish her good luck with her future men.” So, it seems Aladin’s not putting any money on Laura sailing into a happy long-term relationship any time soon.

Speaking about living in the US, he continued answering questions. One 90 Day Fiance follower asked, “Would you ever move to the US?” Aladin replied, saying, “No plans, And there are other places I would rather be…But who knows?” In fact, when one fan said, “I’ll date you if you want to move to Canada,” he turned it down. Aladin said that he’s “not into passport dating.”

90 day fiance Aladin Jallali Q and A
Image credits – Aladin Jallali | Instagram Stories

Will Aladin date someone from the US?

While Aladin won’t date a passport, he wouldn’t mind dating an American or someone else from a different country.

He said, “What’s important is to find the right partner, not the citizenship, ethnicity, or culture.” So, basically, Aladin Jallali says he never wanted Laura for her citizenship, a green card or anything else. He’s still open to the idea of dating a foreign woman but won’t do it just for a passport. What do you think about that?  Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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