’90 Day Fiance’ Season 7 Cast: Anna-Marie Campisi And Mursel Make Beautiful Honey Products

90 Day Fiance Anna-Marie and Mursel

90 Day Fiance Season 7 arrives on November 3. No doubt it comes with lots of drama. But for now, little drama seems to take place in Bellevue, Nebraska, where Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel make their beautiful honey products. Beeswax melt and lotions, and yummy jams like organic blueberry jams look very attractive on Anna’s Facebook page. If natural beauty and healthy bee products like “Run Wild Flower Honey” are your thing, you’ll probably want to follow their social media accounts.

90 Day Fiance – Mursel and Anna Marie Campisi share a common love for honey bees

The cast bios came out across most online mags, including Broadway World. Just to refresh your memory, their description of Anna and Mursel notes they met online. Their mutual love for honey bees drew them together. Taking the plunge, Anna, mom of three went over to Turkey to meet Mursel. The synopsis of the 90 Day Fiance newbies suggests that drama might come from Mursel’s family because Anna’s got kids. Well, it doesn’t sound all that riveting, but no doubt TLC will manage to work up some drama for fans of the show.

On the Beauty and the Bees Honey Facebook Page, Anna shared in July, “Mursel and I just harvested some honey! I’ve got limited amounts of honey comb available too!” Plus, on her Instagram page, she features at least one cute photo of a little boy in a beekeeper’s outfit. Possibly, he’s one of her children.  In another photo, Anna shares a photo of a boy out collecting apples in the orchard. In fact, he could be the boy in the preview trailer who said, “I don’t know how much Mursel really is in love with my mom.” If you’re agriculturally minded, beehives set out in the orchards help to pollinate the trees.


The couple are so into natural and organic bee products

On Mursel’s IG, which looks sparse and quite new, we see a video and a photo of him holding up a tray of honeycomb. But, it’s Anna’s business Facebook account where we see the gorgeous natural bee products. Often, they sell them at the Bellevue Farmers Market. Recently, 90 Day Fiance newcomer Anna, shared how she’s busy “making up some of my honey jams! Organic blueberry, cherry, and raspberry! #no sugar.”


Plus, there are some beeswax melts and lotions that look beautifully packaged. Anna says, “I’m going to have new scents!” The one she showed off is beeswax with coconut oil prepared for the Fall Festival. Actually, fans of the show might hope that Anna made lots of products ahead of the show airing. That’s because she noted in one IG post, that “The girls won’t be able to collect nectar much longer.” It’s getting cold in Nebraska.


What do you think about Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel making beautiful honey products? Are you keen to try out some of their organic blueberry jams, beeswax melts, and lotion bars? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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