‘RHONY’ Newbie Leah McSweeney Has Been Sued For Copyright Infringement Twice!

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New RHONY star Leah McSweeney is already making waves. A recent report said she’d already been fighting with alums including Luann de Lesseps and Tinsley Mortimer. After Dorinda and Tinsley fought at the STOMP Out Bullying event Luann de Lesseps put on, she admitted the newest member had been involved as well. According to Reality Tea, Luann said there is always, “drama when there’s a new girl in town.”

Leah McSweeney founded the clothing company Married to the Mob. Now an exclusive on Radar Online says the clothing she has sold under that name might not all be original. In fact, the reality star has been sued for copyright infringement twice since she launched the company in 2004.

The dirt comes out when you become a housewife, because you’re in the public eye. That’s what Leah McSweeney is learning as the newest member of the New York crew after Bethenny Frankel’s exit. A recent report revealed she sued the police department for assault after being attacked. She had been standing by because her boyfriend was being detained. The money she received from that lawsuit is actually what she used too fund the start of Married to the Mob. Now, these two lawsuits have been brought to light.

Why Was Leah McSweeney Sued Twice?

Leah McSweeney owns the clothing company Married to the Mob. The first lawsuit against her was for using a Supreme trademark. The lawsuit stated willful trademark infringement and counterfeiting. The plaintiff said she used the trademark without their permission and that the people buying from her would think they endorsed her company.

Essentially, she used SUPREME with some additions the company didn’t like. One of these was a mug that said b***h at the end of Supreme. The company suing Leah said their reputation had been harmed from her vulgar words.

The RHONY Star Denies Any Allegations Against Her

She said that the company suing her had been aware of the use of SUPREME on her products for nine years. This suit was dismissed with prejudice. The Married to the Mob got sued again in 2015 for copyright infringement by Joshua Separzadeh, a photographer.

The photographer sued Leah, because he said the product she sold called Slugz Tee had an unauthorized derivative use of his photo. He wanted damages because he alleged the company had profited from it. MTTM denied these claims, as well, and the case was dismissed as well with prejudice in 2017.  Fans will wait to see if the media uncovers any more dirty little secrets from the new housewife.

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