‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Alum Jade Roper Revisits Mental Health Post – She’s ‘Not Okay’

BiP Jade Roper

Bachelor in Paradise fans recall that alum Jade Roper Tolbert and Tanner Tolbert made a success of their relationship. Most recently we heard about the traumatic home-birth of their little boy. But, now she took to Instagram to talk about her mental health. Then she took the post down. Now, it’s up again and she’s “not okay.”

Bachelor In Paradise star Jade removed a mental health post but replaced it

Tanner Tolbert and his wife recently featured in What Now? Since then, their new baby’s been the focus of the posts on Instagram. But moving into more serious matters, Jade shared a post about mental health. The first post she put up said, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE LOVED. YOUR LIFE MATTERS. NO MATTER WHAT THE LIES IN YOUR HEAD MAY TELL YOU— YOU HAVE VALUE. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, EACH WITH MANY LAYERS, AND NONE OF WHICH WE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE ENOUGH. AND EVEN WHEN THE DARK FEELS LIKE TOO MUCH, KNOW YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.” But she took it down soon after.

The Bachelor in Paradise alum said that she took the post down as it “fell flat when I read them. How could I say these things to others when I didn’t/don’t believe them about myself?” Well, it certainly passed on a strong message to get help if your mental health’s in a bad place. But for Jade, just writing those words and sharing them seemed not enough. Instead, she decided to do something about her mental health. She noted that she went and spoke to Tanner.

Jade revisits the mental health post – ‘not okay’ she told Tanner

In her second attempt at sharing about mental health, Jade said she repeated her original message, as seen above. But what she really wanted was to reach out for help. In the revisited post she shared, “I deleted this post earlier because honestly, I’m personally struggling with my mental health right now.” Oh wow, that’s sad to hear about. But, the Bachelor in Paradise star did the right thing and reached out to Tanner. She noted, “I deleted the post, walked to the room down the hall, opened the door, and told Tanner ‘I’m not okay. Then she urged her Bachelor in Paradise fans to “lean” on people they love. and “ask for help.” She noted that people who need help really are not “a burden.”

Finally, Jade Roper urged her fans who have nobody around to contact Mental Health America to find resources near you. Of course, fans of Jade and Tanner responded to the post. Many of them thanked her for it. One fan wrote, “All the amens!!! Being a new momma is hard. LIFE is hard. Asking for help shouldn’t make anyone feel incapable, or weak. I love all your words ❤️”


What do you think about Jade Roper reaching out to Tanner to tell him that “she’s not okay” with her mental health? Do you hope she gets into a better place soon? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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