Why Shep Rose From ‘Southern Charm’ Is Taking A Break From His Podcast

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Shep Rose has had an interesting few months. His podcast, Enough About Me with Shep Rose, has only had seven episodes so far. They’ve been entertaining. He’s brought on guests like Randall Emmett and his nieces. Austen Kroll also came on the show to talk about Southern Charm and other things. He promised a lot with this podcast including talking to stunt men and athletes. However, his podcast has been on hold for awhile and fans are wondering what’s up.

Shep got into some trouble with fans a while back when he mocked a homeless woman in New York. He then seemed very unapologetic for it. The speculation was he stopped his podcast to do some reflecting and he even deleted his Instagram for a while. That doesn’t seem to be the case according to Bravo he’s taking a break for a different reason altogether.

Why Is Shep Rose Taking A Break From His Podcast?

When Shep Rose started his podcast in June, he had big plans. For now, he’s put the podcast mic away and isn’t making new episodes of the show. He said the reason was he had to, “bird dog guests.” Shep said it restricted his travel and caused him stress. He said it’s possible he’ll return to it in the future because he liked talking to people.

He’s reportedly been hanging out with family and his dog Lil Craig while recovering from knee surgery. He turned forty and went to a Hall and Oates concert with Patricia Altschul. With reality stars having successful podcasts everywhere, it’s hard to imagine he would just abandon his.


Is Southern Charm Returning For Season 7?

According to The Cheat Sheet, Shep Rose said they haven’t started filming for Season 7 yet. There will be a Southern Charm style brunch at BravoCon with Austen Kroll and Kathryn Dennis at the table. On the Ross Bolen podcast, Shep Rose said the new filming cycle they usually start hasn’t started yet.

Bolen asks if the filming would pause in between previous seasons and Shep said, “no we’ve rock and rolled.” This of course led fans to wonder if there would be a break or if the show was coming back. SHep didn’t give them any comfort saying, “Usually we film in the fall,” he says. “I don’t know if we are going to do another season. But we’re not doing one now.”

He then went on to say he thinks they want them to do another season. Shep stated that the ratings were pretty good. Fans will be waiting anxiously to see.


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