Kyle Richards Joins The Husbands In Legal Trouble Club As Mauricio Umansky Is Sued For Real Estate Deal

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Kyle Richards of RHOBH has joined the husband’s in the legal trouble club once again. Her man, Mauricio Umansky is being sued for 4.5 million dollars over some real estate he dealt with. Umansky landed himself in some hot water because of a former client and fellow real estate agent. Several people are coming forward questioning his business practices as a realtor.
The Blast reports Mauricio Umansky is being sued by Aitan Segal. Aitan had a client who wanted to buy the mansion at forty million. The client made an offer. Segal says Umansky actually worked out a deal in secret to have investors help him purchase the home and flip it. Mauricio then made a lot more off the home taking in a large profit.

What Are The Details Of The Lawsuit Against Mauricio Umansky

The mansion in the suit belonged to the US government. The government seized it from the son of the Equatorial Guinea president, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue. He had used funds allegedly stolen from his country to purchase the home. Umansky sold the home to a man for thirty two million named Mauricio Oberfeld. The realtor never disclosed he was an investor with the buyer. His plans seemed to be to get the property to sell for a higher rate.

The seller of the house is suing for this and for not telling him he received much higher side-offers. Once he sold the home himself a year later, however, it went for sixty nine million. This meant he made a profit of over thirty seven million. The company the previous owner runs also sued Umansky because he didn’t follow through with his duties as a realtor. The Sweetwater Malibu LLC is accusing him of fraud and, “blatant acts of self-dealing, earning secret profits, and both failing to disclose and outright misrepresenting material facts.” According to Reality Tea, Mauricio Umansky denies all of these allegations.

In an additional suit someone who wanted to buy the property, Sam Hakim, says Mauricio engaged in, “egregious breaches of duty and despicable conduct.” He wanted to buy the property, but Umansky’s business practices thwarted his efforts since he wanted the property for himself. Needless to say all this courtroom drama will have to be front and center for the new RHOBH season. Fans are waiting to see how Kyle Richards handles this different type of drama.
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