Mila Kunis Reveals Which ‘RHOBH’ Husband She’d Kill And Which She’d Smash

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The always hilarious and real Mila Kunis played a game with Andrea Savage on her podcast Grown-Up Woman. The game centered around the cast members of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was called Make Love, Marry, Murder. Mila is a self-proclaimed fan but it seems her husband Ashton Kutcher isn’t so much. The two have been married since 2015 and have two adorable kids.

Mila has had quite a career since she was Kelso’s love interest on That 70’s Show. She starred in serious movies like The Book of Eli and funny movies like Bad Moms. Mila said she asked her husband if in twenty or thirty years she could go on RHOBH. She told him it would just be for like a year or so. According to OK Magazine, he told her, “I would kill you.”

So Who Would Mila Kunis Like To Marry In The RHOBH World?

Mila Kunis knew her answers in the husband round. She said she would murder Paul Kemsley, marry Mauricio Umansky, and make love to Harry Hamlin. She said she’s sure PK and Dorit are lovely but the game didn’t leave her a choice. With the women she’d murder Dorit, marry Kyle Richards, and “have fun,” with Lisa Rinna. The host was like your answers were the same for the men and women. She said she would one hundred percent be a third wheel to the Richards.

Dorit Kemsley, she would kill because she would be expensive to marry, “she seems high maintenance,” the That 70’s Show actress said. Anyone she killed she wanted an instant death so there wouldn’t be any suffering.

If Kyle and Mauricio invited her to dinner she said her answer would be, “cool.” She said one time she was on the same flight with Kyle and Mauricio and they were behind her. Kunis said she freaked out and they were being really normal. She said they didn’t speak but their kids were doing crossword puzzles. She couldn’t handle how normal they were. Mila said they were, “like just being like cool parents.”

Twitter was not on board with Mila Kunis’s dreams to be a housewife. One fan tweeted she had far more gigs in her career to consider before making the leap to reality. Another fan told her to make some more romantic comedies, preferably one with Ashton. Either way in twenty to thirty years Jackie Burkhart could be coming to Beverly Hills.

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