Kate Gosselin Lies About Relationship With Her Daughter Hannah Gosselin

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In a recent video for a special where Kate Gosselin and her two oldest prepare for college life, she spoke about her daughter Hannah Gosselin. She said, Hannah chose to stay with her dad and not come on the trip. Kate said it was sad but she’s older and making her own decisions. Kate said this was the second trip Hannah hadn’t come on with them. “We just adjust and move on, it’s not optimal for mom,” the reality mom said.

Hannah and Colin Gosselin live with their father who has been quite vocal about how their mother truly was. A ten-year gag order was lifted and Jon Gosselin has not held back saying Kate alienated Hannah and locked Colin away without visiting him for months and months. He said he knows his children have suffered and that one day they’ll all tell their story.

Was Kate Gosselin Sincere When She Said She Missed Hannah?

An inside source told Radar Online, Kate Gosselin wasn’t being sincere when she said she was sad Hannah wasn’t there. The truth was, she didn’t even invite Hannah to come along. Kate said the words, “she opted to stay back with her dad.” The source said, she didn’t even get an invite. They also said she didn’t get her daughter a birthday present. Jon allows Hannah to go visit whenever she wants, but Kate never asks.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jon on the other hand is okay with his children not talking to him because he says he knows he messed up. The five that live with their mother are on team Kate. He insists they keep their relationships with their siblings even if those siblings aren’t talking to him.


The Reality Mom Dotes On Her Other Kids

Kate Gosselin posts about Mady and Cara on Instagram captioning it that she, “loves these kids fiercely.” She goes on to say times were unfair for them and now they can get away from the people who were against them. She said, “once they get away from those who have tried to destroy them instead of protect them.” It’s unclear what she’s talking about or who.

Jon Gosselin said Kate is a control freak who is very selfish. Not being able to control Hannah anymore, alleges the source, kills her. She can’t stand the fact Hannah chose Jon over her. The support she shows for her daughter is all for show.

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