‘Counting On’: Felicity Vuolo – Frequent Flyer Toddler Comfortable With Late-Night Flights

Counting On Felicity Vuolo

Counting On fans know that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo travel by air a lot. Felicity Vuolo, now a toddler’s pretty much a frequent flyer, as well. In fact, she’s so comfortable with it that she handles the late-night flights easily. Plus, now she’s walking, she quickly explores the airport.

Counting On Toddler Felicity comfortable with flights

Jinger Vuolo took to her Instagram to share about a late-night flight with Felicity and she looked quite comfortable with it. While many parents get advice that little ones shouldn’t go on them, Felicity looks very much at home. Mind you, she’s been flying a lot in her short life. At just one-year-old, many photos by her parents show this little Counting On star in airplanes. The first photo that Jeremy shared of Felicity on a plane came at four months old. It showed her looking out the window of a plane, and he captioned it with, “It’s cold out there, Felicity. Her first time seeing snow.”

The next shot that Jeremy shared of Felicity in a plane on their way to the GA conference when she was six months old. But Counting On fan-favorite, Jinger shared more pictures. They flew to Chicago when Felicity was two-months-old, in September last year. We saw her getting cuddled by daddy so she wouldn’t be afraid. And later, she shared a photo of Felicity fast asleep on the plane. More photos followed, and we saw them fly to California and on the way back to Laredo. So, it’s no wonder she’s used to flying by now.


Late flights no problem for the little frequent flyer

On Thursday night, Jinger shared on her Instagram Stories about their flight to Dallas. She showed Felicity standing on her Counting On dad’s lap in the plane. She captioned it with, “Late night flight to Dallas. And Felicity did amazing…so grateful.” Plus, when they landed at the airport, she shared a clip of the little cutie toddling off quite confidently, exploring the airport. You can see screenshots of her below.

Actually, airlines suggest that if you fly a lot, it’s best to start the kids young. Readers Digest notes that parents need to make provision for them though. They suggest speaking to the airline attendants who have a lot of experience. Plus, take along things you might need. Also, they recommend you get a seat near the front of the plane, so the little one is less likely to get airsick. Also, save the toys and treats. Dish them out only if the kiddie becomes too restless or bored. Unlike the little Counting On star Felicity, it’s not advised to take the late-night fights.

Counting On Felicity Vuolo frequent Flyer
Image credits – Jinger Vuolo | Instagram Stories

Late-night flights often have grumpy passengers

While it seems that Felicity’s at home on planes, not all kids are lucky enough to rack up so much experience. That’s why airlines suggest parents with young kids should avoid them. Many passengers travel for business. They just want a rest while they fly to or from their destinations. There’s nothing quite as bad as an unhappy child on those flights.

What experience did you have flying with toddlers like Felicity Vuolo? Did you find that as they become more frequent flyers that they get quite comfortable with it? Did you take a toddler on a late-night flight? Sound off your experiences in the comments below.

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