‘DWTS’: Hannah B Promises To Work On Her Hips, Fans Want Dance Pro Alan Bersten To Date Her

DWTS Hannah B and Alan Bersten

DWTS viewers saw Hannah B and Alan Bersten bring a magical dance performance Monday night. Definitely getting into the whole dance thing, fans raved about how well she and Alan Bersten moved together. Afterward, both Alan and Hannah shared that she’d “work on her hips.” Fans all clamor for these two to date, but it looks like Hannah’s taking a break from that, so nope, it probably won’t happen. At least, for now.

DWTS Hannah and her hips – promises to work on them

Hannah and Alan did the rumba and it looked very fluid and professional to the average eye. But, and we really can’t say why, she apparently needs to work on her hips. On his Instagram, Alan said, “Wow! @hannahbrown you are incredible! Don’t worry we’re gonna work on the hips! You killed it tonight!” Meanwhile, on her IG Hannah noted, “We had so much fun tonight—fingers crossed we get to dance again next week 🤞🏻 (and I’ll work on my hips I swear!!)💃.”

Of course, fans of DWTS enjoy the obvious chemistry between the two, and they really hope she and Alan will date. But it seems that’s not going to happen. As one fan reminded the others, “[listen] to all the interviews that Hannah does where she has to repeat herself a million times about taking a break from dating.” In fact, when Hannah B responded to an Instagram Q&A, about if they’d date, she made it seem like it’s a big “nope” for now.


On dating, it looks like a big ‘nope’ for now, at least

E!News reported on the Q&A by Alan. According to them, “One fan asked if the teammates were a “thing,” and Brown had the perfect response. “Yeah, we’re a thing,” she said jokingly, “Team Alabama Hannah!” So, for now, it looks like dating’s on the backburner for the former The Bachelorette star. Taking it a bit further, E!News also reported that Demi Burnett also talked about budding rumors the couple is dating.

The Bachelorette alum said of the DWTS couple, that she spoke to Hannah B about it. That came before the season started. Over on the Viall Files podcast, she said, “I told her, ‘Don’t s–t where you eat,'” and, she’s also well aware of the pressure on Hannah B to date. Speaking about that, she added, “I don’t want anyone putting all that pressure on her. I feel like everyone is like, ‘Ooh, they’re gonna fall for each other?’ Who knows!”‘


Well, it seems if you care about Hannah Brown dating again, it may be kinder not to harass her into dating Alan Bersten. After all, being pressured won’t help her attend to fixing those hips. And, all her fans want to see her take this competition away! What do you think? Do you think it’s wise for the couple to say “nope” to dating right now? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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