Garcelle Beauvais Talks About ‘RHOBH’ And Why She Shouldn’t Be Messed With

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In a new article on Page Six, Garcelle Beauvais talked about what it was like to land RHOBH and the differences between a scripted and non-scripted show. First of all, she was screaming in the airport because she was so excited to be a housewife. She said the transition was seamless for her and being her true self was easy. She stated in the, “scripted world, you show up, you know your lines, you’re a character. You can sort of hide who you are, be this other person. Housewives? I’m showing up as me.”

The actress said she’s shot with her kids and her ex, everything is cool. She did say it’s possible drama could be coming and she’s ready for it. She stated previously she was humbled by the opportunity to be a housewife.

Why Should Garcelle Beauvais Not Be Messed With

Garcell Beauvais is a force all on her own. When she found out her ex-husband was cheating on her she didn’t keep it a secret. She didn’t tuck and run away hiding behind a divorce lawyer.

Deciding to get in front of the situation and let him know she wasn’t to be cheated on, she took it public. She sent an email to all of his co-workers according to Celebrity Insider. It was titled, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Mike Nilon. In the email, she asked what they had in common and went on to tell them what she’d learned. She said she found out her husband of nine years had been having an affair for five years. She called the other woman some slut from Chicago. Ouch, don’t mess with Garcelle. Needless to say, her husband probably felt the burn from that email.

Garcelle Beauvais seems to be fairly chummy with her co-stars. In one of her Instagram posts, she’s sitting with Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Sutton Stracke. She also tagged Dorit Kemsley saying she wasn’t there for the picture. There’s also a picture of her and Denise Richards walking out of a revolving door dressed to kill. If she’s capable of bringing the drama, she hasn’t opened that door yet. Fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for it, but for now, she’s fitting in great.


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