‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Loves Living At Jim Bob And Michelle’s Place, Sparks Family Debate

Counting On Jana Duggar

Counting On star, Jana Duggar’s aged 29 and still lives at home. While many fans speculate about why she never married and moved out, Jana seems perfectly fine just where she lives right now. In fact, she loves where she lives, and this sparked a debate about family on her Instagram.

Counting On fans hate that the girls marry young, and get down on Jana for not marrying at all

Duggar family followers don’t necessarily condone their lifestyle. Those critical, think it wrong that the Duggars’ ship off their daughters as soon as possible to breed more kids. The gigantic family’s actually growing exponentially. Loads of pregnancies happen, and this seems the most joyful thing the family could possibly envision. In fact, the Counting On family never tire of weddings and gender reveals. But in Jana’s case, critics complain she never married yet.

Some followers think she’s not straight, and might prefer being a bit more like her Aunt, Michelle’s sister. According to InTouch Weekly, she’s a lesbian. Fans speculate Jana may prefer girls too. However, we really don’t know for sure. What we do know, is that gentle, nurturing Jana loves her sisters. In fact, she even opted to stay in their room rather than get her own quarters. It seems Jana takes her joy in life from working in nature, out in the gardens, with her beloved plants. And, she has some interest in renovations, much like the rest of the Duggar clan.


Jana shares how she loves living where she is

On her Instagram, Jana shared a lovely picture of the green grass, vista, and the cows in a nearby field. She captured it with, “Love this place I get to call home! 🏡 💞.” While it might not look like Utopia for many millennials, one can see why it would appeal to a certain type of personality. Of course, as this is Jana, fans of Counting On tuned it to the question of marriage and why she needs her own home.

One follower commented, “Have you ever even for a moment considered getting a home of your own and living your own life?” Some fans chided them for not considering they should maybe not be rude. Others agree the beautiful scenery looked like a little slice of heaven. Yet others felt it’s so awful that every time Jana shares on her Instagram, she comes under pressure to leave home, marry and make her own family. But some Counting On fans got into a bit of a debate about living apart from the main family.


Fans debate family and home-living

The conversation on Jana’s Instagram turned into a debate about living at home. Some interesting points were raised. One that kickstarted it came from @cassiopeiasmom. They noted, “Single people living on their own is actually a very new concept in the history of humankind. People didn’t leave their homes until they married and if they did for work, etc, another single family member lived with them. It only makes sense that families stay together with all the studies showing how the millennial generation is the loneliest, most depressed generation. Just because you think that is what people want doesn’t make it healthy.”

Other Counting On fans agreed, and this response followed: “This past May was two years of living back by myself, and let me tell you it is not always easy…moments of loneliness, feeling isolated and after all these years I still feel emotional over missing the everyday family meals that we once had.”

No shame in families who stay together

Another person with strong opinions noted, “I’m sorry 🙁 we are definitely not meant to be alone, we are social beings. It used to be we had multi generations living together. I actually grew up with both my grandma and great grandma in our home because they were both widows. When my husband would go to various schools for the army and eventually deployed, I hated being alone before we had kids. There is no shame in families staying together.”

What do you think about the points raised about family in the debate? Do you think there’s something wrong with Jana Duggar loving where she lives? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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