’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Reports Eric To The Cops For Harassment

90 Day Fiance Larissa Lima

90 Day Fiance fans who like Larissa Lima hoped things would work out for her and Eric. However, she broke up with him a day or so after saying she was out of sorts. Now, just a short while after the breakup, she reported him to the cops for harassment. It’s not very clear what he did to harass her. Lima seems rather more concerned he may harass her best friend Carmen.

90 Day Fiance fans don’t like the drama between Larissa and Eric

Larissa Lima brought boat-loads of drama to the TLC show. Right from the beginning, much of anything we saw was drama. For example, there was the mega-drama for no flowers. Other examples included the mega-drama with Colt’s cousin at the BBQ and the mega drama with Mother Debbie. Then there was the ultra drama of her scratching and slapping herself. So, when Eric and Larissa hooked up after her mega-drama divorce from Colt, many people hoped Larissa would just go away. They hoped she would end up going into the archives of 90 Day Fiance failures.

Some people don’t like Eric as many people suspect he was paid to date her. They are not, however, sure who paid him. Others don’t like Eric because he may not be straight. Some don’t like Eric as they’re thinking he dated Larissa for 15-minutes of fame.

It seems all Eric got out of that fame was two minutes of being sworn at by Colt on national television. But. his side of the Larissa breakup story indicated—as Colt discovered—Larissa’s emotionally high maintenance.

Some fans believed Eric should have just moved on quietly and closed his Instagram account when Larissa gave him the boot. And, for those concerned, the police report seems genuine, according to The Blast.


Reports of harassment by Larissa to the cops

Who knows what really went down with Larissa and Eric? And, some fans consider her to be yesterday’s news anyway. The only things is, Eric and Colt seem very friendly these days. Everyone says they hate Colt and call him creepy. But, he’s one of the successful characters in the 90 Day Fiance franchise, currently. We saw him on 90 Day Fiance Season 6. Then, on Happily Ever After. And, now, he’s on Pillow Talk. Plus, rumors came out that he returns to feature on Happily Ever After with a woman from Brazil named Jess Caroline. So, hate him or not, he’s doing well off the franchise. Maybe Larissa wants a piece of that. Or, maybe Eric does as well?

Anyway, no doubt, the drama of the police report against Eric will keep her in the news for a while. Or, bring them both back into the spotlight for a few more minutes of fame. Fans just hope this is not scripted and arranged by TLC.

Fans don’t want to watch Larissa melting down on our screens again. Actually, as Larissa’s now rehashing her relationship with Colt, there’s a dreaded possibility she will resurface again. Her Thursday throwback photo showed her and Colt back in happier days. Rumors abound that she’s after another shot at Colt.


What do you think about Larissa Lima filing a report against Eric for harassment? Do you think it’s all a power play for exposure? Or is the whole mess created for the cameras? Do you love Larissa Lima or just wish she would disappear into obscurity? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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