‘The Little Couple’ Saves The Best For Last- Zoey Swims With Mermaids – Fans React

The Little Couple Zoey and the Mermaids

The Little Couple fans feared an early ending to Season 14 after just six episodes. The confusion came when Jen Arnold posted about filming coming to an end, but it continued. However, all good things end and the finale seems to have saved the best for last. Fans got to see Zoey and Will swimming with the mermaids. And Zoey simply loved it. Fans reacted to the end of the season and the cute scene.

The Little Couple scenes of Zoey and the mermaids were the best

TLC fans simply love the show with the kids, Zoey and Will, and parents, Jen and Bill. It’s clean, it’s fun, and overall, a charming journey of the family who all suffer from dwarfism. A month ago, TV Shows Ace reported that after just six episodes, some fans feared the end of the season already happened. That came when fans got confused by a post that Jen Arnold made about wrapping filming. Anyway, it continued for the full ten episodes. Now the final episode aired and fans of The Little Couple thought it was the best.

In the finale, fans saw Zoey swimming with the mermaids, and she loved it. Will swam like a seal  and did so very confidently. However, Zoey seems to struggle a bit with going down under the water. Luckily, she had her guide there to take care of her. Jen Armold shared a small clip of Zoey and fans also saw it in the show. Since then, the charming scene has been shared to YouTube as well. Fans loved watching the rather sweet episode.

The final episode – fans react

Over on YouTube, fans reacted to The Little Couple scene. Here’s what some of them said about it:

  • Millions of kids go to sleep every night wishing they had the lives that will and Zoey have. Thank you, Jenn and Bill, for giving these two young souls an opportunity for an amazing life.
  • Side note, I love how respectful the kids are. Zoe waited for consent to touch the mermaids as well as getting in the pool. Plus they speak so well for their ages.
  • I love this show….such a positive reality show compared to all the other crap that’s out there.
  • Jen & Bill are amazing parents. I remember the day they brought Will home and through all the ups & downs medical issues and things together as a family they have a beautiful strong bond
  • Wish I was part of this family, they seem so loving also being a mermaid was like a dream of mine as a child after watching H2O lol


On Instagram, fans lamented the end of the season. One follower said, “Wow season finale already?!?!?😢.” Another noted, “I’m watching as always. I love your family and hope a new season is on soon.” Well, TLC has not announced a new season yet, but hopefully soon we’ll see more of this lovely family on our televisions again. Did you enjoy the mermaid scenes? Sound off your feelings in the comments below.

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