‘The Bachelor’: Amanda Stanton, Olivia Caridi Clash Over Her Book ‘Now Accepting Roses’

The Bachelor Amanda Stanton

The Bachelor fans know that Amanda Stanton and Olivia Caridi clashed more than once in their lives. Recall that Caridi and Amanda came to the ABC show in 2016 where they competed for the heart of Ben Higgens in Season 20. Things went bad after for them after Caridi noted that Stanton had young kids, and acted more like a Teen Mom star. Now, it seems they clashed over Stanton’s book, Now Accepting Roses: Finding Myself While Searching for the One … and Other Lessons I Learned from The Bachelor.

The Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi unhappy with Now Accepting Roses by Amanda Stanton

While you might think her ex-hubby would be the one to complain, as the book’s got some juicy details, it seems Nick Buonfiglio never freaked about it. But, Olivia, who got a mention seemed unhappy about what Amanda said about her. The news emerged at her book event on September 20 at Kitson. US Weekly caught up with her there. It should be noted that the book also mentioned her exes  Higgins, Josh Murray, Robby Hayes, and Bobby Jacobs, according to the news outlet. But they never complained yet.

However, Olivia took a bit of a diss from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum. In her book, Amanda wrote, “[Olivia] was a bit of a misfit who didn’t play well with others.” Additionally, she noted that “Olivia was very vocal with us girls about how she was the only one for Ben. She would constantly throw jabs my way by saying Ben wasn’t ready to raise someone else’s kids.” Well, that’s not the most awful thing one competitor might say about another, but obviously, Olivia felt the “ouch” factor.

Amanda Stanton explains about Olivia objecting to the book portrayal

Speaking to US Weekly about Olivia, Stanton said, “The only person who I think was upset was Olivia.” Amanda mentioned that she “talked to her and went on a podcast.” Amanda felt comfortable with that.  However, it seems Olivia got unhappy with that bit about her when the book was done. Mind you, as Amanda points out, she just wrote it as her personal experience. That’s how Amanda “felt at that time,” and possible she meant no harm. After all, if she prettied it up, it wouldn’t be real.

So, it seemed that maybe Olivia shouldn’t really be upset after all. And, perhaps they kissed and made up since then anyway. Amanda went on to say that they’re “friends now.” In fact, she added that they became buddies after “the show stopped airing.” So, while it sounds like a clash, obviously, it ended up short-lived between The Bachelor alums. Everyone knows there’s a large amount of competition and conniving on the franchise. And, at the end of the day, it’s pretty much a game and how the gameplay works. Both of them said things about the other, after all.

What do you think about Amanda Stanton and Olivia Caridi clashing over her book Now Accepting Roses? It looks like it blew over pretty quickly, and both of them said uncomplimentary things about each other over time. Do you like the fact that they remain friends despite these issues? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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