’90 Day Fiance’: Corey Rathgeber’s Solid With Fans, Replies To A Hundred Birthday Greetings – Evelin Rants

90 Day Fiance Corey Rathgeber

90 Day Fiance fans poured onto Corey Rathgeber’s Instagram to send him birthday greetings. Thousands of comments arrived, and he actually replied to a hundred of them. It’s pretty obvious Corey’s solid with his fans and there are plenty of those. A few trolls popped up but he even thanked them for sharing on his birthday post. Eventually, he stopped replying, and we think we might know why as Evelin posted a rant-video.

90 Day Fiance fans mostly solid behind Corey Rathgeber

Corey Rathgeber spent a lot of time this season trying to protect Evelin from haters. She managed to rachet up loads of haters. Many fans of the TLC show hated that he wanted kids, but she refused. He also put money into the business, and it seems that’s all Evelin ever wanted from him. They grew angry over the way she turned things around and slapped back at him. She even managed to turn it around on him when she took things up with her ex again.

But Corey picked up far less hate. Over on Instagram and on Twitter, it seems he’s got a rock-solid fan base all backing “their favorite” on 90 Day Fiance. Of course, fanatical fans who hated on Evelin complained a bit that he continuously stuck up for Evelin, but on the whole, USA fans try and stand behind him during his rather difficult journey. When his dad passed away, thousands of condolences went his way. On his birthday, September 18, thousands took to his IG to pass on their best wishes.

Corey answers a hundred well-wishers on his birthday – even a few trolls

Corey’s the kind of guy who tries to keep conflict down. And, it seems he’s the sort of person deserving of well-wishers.

With thousands of greetings pouring in, he started answering every one of them. And, not all of them were copy-paste style acknowledgments either. Those who shared a wish with him birthday got all the best sent back to them. Those who thought of his dad at this time also got different thanks.

Even 90 Day Fiance trolls got thanked. That pretty much shut them up in a hurry, which other fans enjoyed very much. However, one person noticeable by their absence on his birthday greeting post was Evelin. Maybe she sent Corey a personal message, or perhaps she greeted him n her own Instagram? Well, there’s a lot of people there talking about how Corey blocked her and dumped her. But, Evelin’s not saying too much to fans about it on her posts. One 90 Day Fiance fan asked her if it’s over, and she said, “We will see.”


The video and the dump of Evelin by Corey

Well, like all the other fans, it was off to hunt the internet for the video, and it turned up on Twitter. Nothing ever really disappears in its entirety on social media, after all. In the video, Evelin told everyone it’s Corey’s birthday and sent them across to greet him. Maybe that’s why so many people did just that. Maybe he stopped replying to all the messages because he ran out of time and needed to sleep. or maybe he started getting too many DMs from Evelin’s fans. We think that might be the case because 90 Day Fiance star Evelin’s pretty wild that he blocked her.

In her video, Evelin said she’s “not going to stop having fun just because people don’t like it.” That referred back to when Corey’s dad passed away and he went home to be with the family. Meanwhile, she stayed in Ecuador and partied hard. Additionally, she said, “happy birthday Corey,” before getting snippy. Next, she said, “And, I can’t believe you blocked me.”  Then she told others to go and say happy birthday to Corey for her.

So, it looks like things are off between them at this time. It’s his birthday and Corey’s rock-solid with his fans. He’s replied to so many greetings, even from the trolls, and most of his fans probably love that he blocked Evelin, who they believe treated him badly. What do you think of all of this? Do you think Corey’s a nice guy who deserves better? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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