Todd Chrisley Denies Stalkers Worry Him After Rant About Nosey Parkers

Todd Chrisley pranks

Todd Chrisley’s known for straight talk. Actually, he seldom hesitates in calling people out on his social media. On Tuesday night, he ranted on about someone who seems very much a nosey parker. But, he also denied stalkers worry him very much. Fans questioned him on it, as it seemed this time, they really annoyed him.

Todd Chrisley under pressure with federal tax and financial fraud allegations

Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie face charges of alleged tax evasion and financial fraud. Obviously, it’s a worrying time for the reality TV star. Additionally, TV Shows Ace noted his estranged daughter, Lindsie laid a complaint of alleged extortion against him and his son Chase, and won’t forgive him. Potentially, he faces up to 40 years behind bars unless he wins his cases. With public interest high, the chances people take more notice of him than usual, increase.

Stalkers and onlookers usually exhibit some sort of thrill from the scandal of it all. Some people turn up to see car accidents or even try and photograph the dead. Perhaps for them, problems dog their own lives, and certainly, psychologists wrote plenty of thoughts about it over the years. But, Todd Chrisleys used to the limelight, so his rant about people like that’s a bit of a surprise. Perhaps he just grows weary of it now and he’s under pressure –  a lot of pressure.

Nosey Park rant, Todd denies he’s concerned – a paradox?

Taking to his Instagram, it seems a bit of a paradox between what Todd said first, and what he later said about it. “A paradox is…a statement. However, elements of the statement seem…self-contradictory, making the proposition unlikely,” according to Initially, in a rather long IG post, Todd ranted about a nosey parker. His post said, “Now everyone has that one neighbor that talks sh*t, stares out their window and counts the spokes on your rims as you drive by.” He added, these people then “[pick] up the phone and starts texting and talking when they should be talking to the man that left their house earlier in the day.”

Ouch – did Todd peep back? He added, “always remember “a dog that will fetch a bone will carry a bone.” However, he hit a bit harder, saying, “Unless I ask you to fetch, don’t come around my door because you ain’t gonna like the bone I send you after.” He then added an aside to his followers, noting, “They need to get over being the kid in school that no one liked and focus on being the lying tail toting gossiping ADULT that no one likes.” And yes, Todd Chrisley added,”#yesbitch, i peeped you.” So, it’s clear Todd’s angry about someone. But his next comment brought the paradox.

Not concerned about stalkers, Todd’s contradictory statements

One follower immediately answered the post by Todd Chrisley, They said, “Wow somebody sure p*ssed you off.” To that, Todd replied, “not at all.” Then added, “just don’t want their hard work to go unnoticed.” Well, for someone who supposedly didn’t p*ss him off, Todd really put a lot of energy into ranting about it. What do you think about that? Is Todd feeling some pressure? Is he allowing stalkers and nosey parkers to get under his skin? Sound off your feelings in the comments below.

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