‘Bachelor in Paradise’ News: What Is Lymphedema that Cam Suffers From?

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Tonight on the Bachelor in Paradise finale fans will get to see the big reunion. Cam Ayala will be wearing a shirt that says that he has Lymphedema. So what is this that Cam suffers from?

Cam shares about Lymphedema on Bachelor in Paradise finale?

Cam went to his Instagram page and shared about the shirt he will be wearing tonight at the finale. Along with it, Cam shared exactly what this means. Here is what he had to say.

“as many of you know, I have been suffering from a rare disease, #Lymphedema since I was 11 years old. I have been pretty private about my condition because I never wanted pity from anyone, nor did I want to make excuses for my personal health journey. Though I did not find my person on @bacheloretteabc OR on @bachelorinparadise I did learn to love myself more than I ever have. Yeah, I’m weird, goofy, bold, passionate, but I’m also REAL AF! And now I’ve never been more proud of who I am! A son of 2 amazing parents, a brother to a badass sister @kara_anneke who just got engaged 💍 (congrats sis), a friend to the most amazing group of peeps, and a #lymphedemawarrior . I would not change a thing! I am making it my lifelong mission to bring awareness to #lymphedema and will continue to support my fellow lymphies, fight back against the government who has failed in the past to recognize LE as a serious condition, and will educate doctors, physicians, researchers, and patients alike on HOW to move forward with finding better treatment options/a cure 🙏🏽💪🏼 I love you all, and even those who constantly judge me and try to paint a false narrative of who I really am… 🤟🏼🔤 JKL…. Just Keep Lymphin …and to me, that’s Alright, alright, alright.”


So what is this disease?

Now fans want to know what this disease really is. In his shirt, Cam tells everyone to Google it to find out. They may not talk about it all on the show. Bustle shared a bit about it.

The National Lymphedema Network’s website explained that “lymphedema is an abnormal collection of lymphatic fluid in the tissues just beneath the skin.” That sounds a bit confusing, but it can end up causing some swelling. It also makes it harder for your wounds to heal.

It looks like Cam is doing his part to get out the word about Lymphedema on the Bachelor in Paradise finale tonight. You know everyone will Google this word tonight. Because of Cam’s shirt, more people will understand this disease.

Don’t miss the big finale of Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesday night on ABC.

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