‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Will There Be A Season 3, When Can We Expect The Premiere?

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3

Seeking Sister Wife ran for two seasons, but will it return for Season 3? And, if it does, when can we expect the premiere? These are questions found on Facebook groups where fans worry one may not come along. The popular show’s similar to Sister Wives with the Brown family but also differs in some respects. The TLC show focuses on several couples looking to add sister wives to the plural family.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 saw glitches with plural families

The first season brought the Briney Family, but TLC never aired their segments on Season 2 of the show. TV Shows Ace reported on it back in January. We noted, “It turns out that TLC pulled them from the show at the very last minute. That means¬†that they filmed and everything, but then ended up not being on the show.” That’s because April Briney left the family, and much coverage followed about it all in the tabloids.

Nevertheless, the show never ended because of her departure. During Season 2, we saw that Vanessa Cobbs successfully joined Dimitri and Ashley Snowden and even ‘married’ in the show. However, the Tell-All revealed the relationship broke up. She later went to Australia, where she’s pretty much lived with her sister ever since. On her Instagram, fans of Seeking Sister Wife asked her if she’d return for another season, and she said “no.” But that’s not likely to prevent Season 3 from happening.

Casting call for Season Three went out in April 2019

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reported in April this year, that TLC put out a casting call for a new season of Seeking Sister Wife. In their call, they looked for both couples and singles applications. Everyone assumed the show would go on. But, that call went out two months before the tragic and untimely news of the death of Bernie McGee. Bernie and his wife Paige ranked up the ratings for their sheer controversy. She and her brother openly engaged in a bitter war of words on social media. In fact, after Bernie died suddenly from a heart attack, his wife Paige blamed her brother Patrick for his death.

Bernie was due in court before his death after Patrick filed an order against him, claiming some sort of harassment. Since then, on her private group, Paige said she’s not looking for any polygamous relationship in the wake of Bernie’s passing. But, is it possible the sudden death might prevent TLC from producing the third season of Seeking Sister Wife? If you think about TLC, maybe that won’t stop them. After all, they also bring us My 600-lb Life, and plenty of stars died after their season on the show. It might sound callous, but if they stopped filming every time an alum of a show passed away, that would hamper other successful franchises like 90 Day Fiance as well. So yes, they never announced a cancellation, and we can assume Season 3’s in the pipeline.

When can we expect the premiere of the TLC show?

The previous two seasons of the show premiered in January about a week after the Brown Family in Sister Wives. In the case of Sister Wives, TLC only announced the new season a month before it premiered. If things follow the same pattern, we can probably expect Season 3  to premiere in mid-January 2020. What do you think about it? Do you think the death of Bernie McGee will affect the possibility of Season 3? Are you looking forward to a new season in January next year? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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