‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Purchases Huge Home in Arizona

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The news came out today that Robyn Brown of Sister Wives has purchased a home in Arizona. On the show, there was some talk about purchasing homes to use later as a rental property. The odd thing is that the family is supposed to be building homes there.

Robyn Brown buys a home

Daily Mail shared that Robyn Brown recently bought a home in Arizona. It actually shows on the paperwork that she bought the home with Kody Brown. This is a 4,400 sq. ft. home in Flagstaff. This house has a four-car garage, five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a huge kitchen. It sounds like a great home for the Brown family to get together. They paid $900,000 for this home. It is surrounded by trees. This home was on the market one month before they bought it.


What is going on with the family?

This is very confusing for fans. The Brown family was supposed to be building homes in Arizona. So far, there is nothing built on their land. Fans expected the houses to be done by now. It is a bit confusing that they would buy a home in the area now. Because of their plans to build, there was no reason to buy so maybe things have changed.

One thing they loved about Las Vegas was that all of the homes were close together. In Flagstaff, that isn’t the case at all, though. They did already buy land as well. Now fans are wondering if they even plan to build on that land or what the plan is for the Brown family. They aren’t saying much, so nobody will find out until the new season airs.

For now, it sounds like Sister Wives will be back for another season soon. It looks like it could happen in early 2020.

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