‘Counting On’: Austin Forsyth Returns From The Bahamas, Loses His Sandals – Passionate Kiss With Joy-Anna

Counting On Austin Forsyth

Counting On fans heard that the Duggar family sent a whole lot of the older kids to assist with charity work in the Bahamas. While some haters even found fault with that, fans from the islands appreciated their efforts after Hurricane Dorian. Now, a delighted Joy-Anna shared her reunion with her trained EMT hubby Austin Forsyth. Actually, it got quite passionate and fans joked as Austin managed to lose his sandals in the heat of the moment.

Counting On family members not all back from the Bahamas yet

The Duggar family account on Instagram shared that “John, Jana, Jason, and James took off early this morning with a medical and disaster relief team to the Bahamas to help after the massive devastation from #HurricaneDorian.” Well, we know that Austin also ended up there as Joy-Anna shared on her IG, “Missing our husbands, but thankful they are able to use their skills and help @mediccorps in the Bahamas!”

Now, on their IG, Joy-Anna and Austin noted, “Keep praying for @mediccorps and some of my family as they are still working down in Bahamas!🙏🏼.” Plus, they shared some photos of the Counting On couple’s reunion. And, that seemed to escalate to hot and steamy quite quickly. In fact, some sharp-eyed fans noted the sandals in the first scene disappeared in the second photo. Meanwhile, little Gideon looked on wide-eyed, photobombing in the background.


Joy-Anna, Austin Forsyth reunite after his Bahamas trip – passionate kiss

“Austin is the only one with EMT training. In a disaster situation, it might be useful to have the firefighter training that Jana and John David do. Even without medical training, there is enough for others to do they don’t need special skills for. It could be that they are letting trained individuals help with medical needs, while they help with other needs,” TV Shows Ace reported. Well, some family members remain there, so presumably, those with EMT skills already got attended to. Austin returned home after five days.

And, it’s obvious the Counting On star really missed his wife. In the first photo, we could see Joy and Austin kissing. Meanwhile, in the background, little Gideon looked on. In the second pic, Austin lost the sandals and Gideon looked like he wanted to hightail, it outta there. While lots of fans thought the pictures were really sweet, others felt it a bit creepy that someone else may have photographed them kissing. However, these days phones come with timer settings.


Fans comment on the return of Austin

Some fans of the Counting On show felt it a bit odd that Joy-Anna can’t wear pants, but doesn’t mind getting photographed engaged in a hot and steamy kiss. But, those people from the Bahamas just expressed their thanks to the family. Others loved Gideon’s reactions. @rubyredslippers26 noted, “I like how in the first photo: Gideon is looking at you two, and then in the second, he’s almost out of [the] frame entirely while you two kiss. Like, “I’ll give you a moment alone now, Mommy and Daddy.”

What did you think of the two photos that Joy-Anna shared when Austin Forsyth returned from the Bahamas? Do you think it’s a bit hot and steamy? What about Gideon, did he photobomb the whole story? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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