Danielle Busby Of ‘Outdaughtered’ Shares Which Girl Will Be President And The Other’s Futures

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Danielle Busby loves talking about her children. She talked to In Touch about which of her quints was going to be President as well as the other’s career aspirations.

Busby said, “The girls really enjoy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning and activities. This is why we have them in a STEM-focused program at school and why we love Learning Resources toys so much in our home.”

She said Blayke loves going to museums and seeing a project come together. The third grader wants to be a teacher or veterinarian.


What Do Danielle Busby’s Other Little Girls Want To Be?

She said Hazel is a little engineer and is a very hands-on kid. Busby said, “She reminds me of me when I was little with the joy of problem-solving and building things, she is very hands-on.” Parker is the one who wants to know how things work.

As for Ava and Olivia, she says they’re a lot alike. They have a certain way they like things and love dividing things into colors or numbers. She said, “they love things a certain way, love to coordinate objects, colors, numbers, but both so full of goofiness.” Riley is the ring leader and the brains of the whole family. Danielle Busby said she’s going to be president one day and not to tell her she’s already smarter than her mom.

Danielle Busby and her husband caught some heat recently about sending one of the quints, Riley to Kindergarten without the others. They just want her to be challenged and felt this was the best plan for her. The other four go to pre-school and are thriving. After a recent health scare, the Busbys were forced to leave their home. Now they’re back into the swing of things and getting all the girls back into a great schedule.

It’s amazing how five girls all almost the exact same age could have such different personalities. Here’s hoping they have a great year at school.

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