Todd Chrisley And Wife Julie May Lose Their Lawyers While Kyle Is In The Hospital

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Julie and Todd Chrisley have been dealing with a lot lately. Not only are they up against eleven felonies for financial crimes, now they may lose their defense. Add that to Lindsie Chrisley’s claims of extortion and they’re having a pretty rough time of it. The Blast stated court documents say Bruce Morris represented Todd and Stephen Friedberg represented Julie.

During the grand jury investigation both lawyers jointly represented both Todd Chrisley and his wife. In addition, they represented Chase and Savannah, their children as well. Their kids were subpoenaed to testify before the grand journey about the case and the two represented them.

Why Might Todd Chrisley Have To Choose Other Council?

The prosecutors are bringing up that having the same lawyer as their children could be a conflict of interest. Now there will be a separate hearing to let them know what this means in detail. The conflict comes from the two reality stars being represented by a lawyer who has already been involved with the case, but in a different way.

Friedberg who represented Julie in the grand jury investigation is now representing Todd. This is why it’s a conflict of interest because by law they have a right to conflict-free council. The underlying unspoken reason is if Julie or Todd decided to change their story they’d be doing it with a lawyer that had been on their spouses’ side before. The same is true with Morris who represented Todd now representing Julie.

Why Was Kyle Chrisley Hospitalized And What’s The Family Saying On Social Media?

The first picture they’ve shared since the arrest and all the accusations came from a hospital room. E Online reported Kyle Chrisley had an adverse reaction to his medication and had to be admitted. Kyle has been vocal about Julie and Todd Chrisley when it comes to their innocence. He threw his support behind them immediately.

Todd Chrisley captioned the picture of the family with Kyle in the hospital, “”NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY… God shows up and shows out, now won’t he do it?” The picture shows not only Todd but Julie and mama Faye are at the hospital visiting. Also present are Chase, Savannah, and Grayson Chrisley putting up a very united front.

Lindsie, of course, wasn’t there for the family reunion but she did take the time to tweet. The former Chrisley Knows Best star tweeted, “gah, flexing that sympathy card so hard. Keep reaching boo.”

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