’90 Day Fiance’ News: Was Ronald There When Tiffany Had The Baby?

Tiffany and Ronald 90 Day Fiance Instagram

90 Day Fiance stars Ronald and Tiffany Franco are having a baby. Last night on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way they shared this news. Her son Daniel was really excited. The one issue was her parents didn’t love the idea of the baby being born in South Africa.

90 Day Fiance star’s pregnancy

Ronald and Tiffany are having this baby on purpose. She is really excited to be able to enjoy the pregnancy. When pregnant with Daniel, she didn’t know she was expecting. That makes this time around a totally different experience. They got to see the baby and couldn’t be happier.

Tiffany insists that when she has the baby she wants Ronald by her side. Her plan was to stay in South Africa. It turns out that wasn’t what happened. She actually moved there to be with Ronald. He had a gambling problem in the past but is doing better now.


Details of the baby’s birth

In Touch Weekly shared the news about the little girl being born when it happened. It turns out that Tiffany came back to the United States. She talked about speaking with Ronald on the phone about baby names.

Tiffany shared about the birth of her daughter saying, “My mom held my hand through it all, and Ronald, was on a video call with me from the moment I went into labor until childbirth.” It turns out that Ronald was on the phone, but not there when it happened. He can’t come to live in the United States. Tiffany may have finally agreed with her mom and decided that it was safer to have the baby in the USA. His mom also watched on a video call. Luckily, Ronald and his mom did get to see his daughter born even if it wasn’t on purpose. A father getting to hear her first cry is a big deal.

Don’t miss watching new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way on Mondays on TLC. Fans will get to enjoy watching Tiffany during her pregnancy on the show.

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