’90 Day Fiance’: Jon Walters Sends Inspired Gift To Rachel – Celebrates Third Official Anniversary

90 day fiance Jon and rachel Walters

90 Day Fiance fans know that Jon Walters and Rachel loved each other way before they met up in the UK. In just a few days they’ll celebrate the third anniversary “of officially being a couple.” As Rachel points out on her Instagram, that’s from “…before [they] met, physically.” John celebrated it with an inspired gift that Rachel hopes lasts as a long reminder of their happy day.

90 Day Fiance‘s Jon and Rachel still live mostly apart

The couple put a lot of effort into staying in touch as often as they can. We know they live mostly apart, but they really work at maintaining their special bond. Remember when they met in London at the Paddington Clock?

If it feels like years ago to you then imagine how bittersweet their day-to-day life must feel. We actually witnessed them get married in September of last year. But, the airing of that episode came months after their actual wedding in May.

On occasion, we see Rachel get over to the UK where they live a blissful and happy life. That’s until the plane departs and she tears herself away from her husband. Actually, their love story’s one of the successes of the TLC 90 Day Fiance franchise. Most viewers know that Jon can’t relocate to the USA until he gets a special waiver due to his criminal record. Years after an assault incident, he’s still rueing the day he got in a college student fight. But, we noted in late June that the couple finally saved enough to submit their application.

Years of separation anticipated for Rachel and Jon Walters

Despite the application for a waiver so Jon can get a visa for the USA, they might wait years until anything comes through. As we reported, they need to “wait for an answer” and expect to “give documents in between.” But, “the journey’s not over and they could still wait years for a visa to happen.” In the meantime, they both seem excited about their upcoming official third anniversary as a couple.

Jon decided to send Rachel a gift. Thoughtfully, it’s one she can enjoy for some time. Unlike most anniversary days, he never sent Rachel a bunch of flowers. Rather, he chose something she can treasure for many months to come. In fact, he sent her a potplant, and that’s a living gesture of their love. Hopefully, Rachel’s got some green fingers to help nurture the little plant. After all, if it stays as healthy as their long-distance relationship, it could grow into a tree! But, jokes aside, the 90 Day Fiance alum seems very touched by her gift.


Thoughtful gift that seems a living symbol of their love on their anniversary

On her Instagram, Rachel shared a photo of her gift. She explained:

“He has potted plants/flowers sent to me, knowing I can nurture them and keep them growing, instead of simple flowers without roots, which will always die. Our 3 year anniversary of officially being a couple (before we met, physically) is coming up in just a matter of days. May this anniversary plant last even longer.” That’s a nice sentiment.

Jon replied to Rachel, saying, “3 years down, forever to go. I love you.”

Whether you enjoyed this couple on the 90 Day Fiance show or not, you can surely see that their enduring love seems rooted in the real-deal.

What do you think about Jon Walters sending such a thoughtful gift to Rachel for their third anniversary? Do you think it’s a lovely gesture of their living love? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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