Jax Taylor Often Leaves His Wedding Ring Off – Since Two Weeks After The Wedding – Old News

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Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules sometimes takes off his wedding ring. Much ado’s being made of the fact that he got caught on camera not wearing a ring on August 23. However, Jax and Brittany sometimes share photos of him without it. And that goes right back to two weeks after the wedding. Perhaps his recent outing without a ring merely indicates he stores it in a safe place when he’s out and about. Certainly, since the wedding, he and Brittany seem blissfully in love.

Snapped without his wedding ring, Jax Taylor speculation comes – loss of gloss in paradise?

Hollywood Life released a report on August 23. In it, they shared photos of Jax riding his little red ice scooter around LA. In their report, they noted, “He was also seen unloading items from a U-haul. Most noticeably, the 40-year-old was without his wedding ring from new wife Brittany Cartwright, 30. His eternity band that features two carats’ worth of white diamonds was not on his finger and from the grim look on his face we hope things are okay between the couple.”

Well, it seems like half the tabloids on the planet would love to report a split between the couple. After, all bad news sells copy. The text in the story also points out that Jax “looked gaunt and unhappy.” But, just maybe he’s focusing on the road. After all, those little ice chest scooters aren’t really ideal in terms of safety. Or, perhaps he’s just tired. We know from his IG and Twitter that Jax Taylor worked Thirsty Thursday at SUR the night before.

First photos showing no wedding ring emerged two to three weeks after the big event – old news

If you go back through Jax Taylor’s Instagram and Twitter photos, it seems the big ringless scoop comes a bit late. As far back as July 22, three weeks after the wedding, he shared a photo of him not wearing it. It came in a promo shot for a party product where he also cautioned against drink driving. There’s his ringless hand on display and yes, Brittany loved the pic. One fan, @habaker611 raised the ring question, “Queue the “where’s your wedding ring” questions… relax people! lol @mrjaxtaylor.” Later on, in the comments, Jax said, “rest assured life is good! 😊”


Some photos he posted up since the wedding were prior to his marriage, which confused a few fans. That included one of him getting his tux fitted that he shared in July, as well. But, on July 12, two weeks after the wedding, Brittany’s IG showed her post of her and Jax kissing on the stairs. That was for his 40th birthday in mid-July, sometime after the wedding, as well. Even back then a fan asked, “How come he isn’t wearing his wedding ring in your most recent posts?”


Perhaps Jax is just one of those people who fear to lose their ring

The fact that Jax Taylor doesn’t wear his wedding ring all the time could be as simple as not wanting to lose it. After all, lots of people don’t like wearing rings when they work. And, we know from his social media that he’s been doing a lot of renovating at his house.  What do you think about it? Should we all be making a song and dance about the fact he rode out on his red ice chest scooter without his wedding ring? Or do you think something’s going wrong in the marriage? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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