Shep Rose Of ‘Southern Charm’ Puts His Foot In His Mouth Yet Again

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Shep Rose is determined to establish himself as a villain on Southern Charm. It’s not clear if he’s doing it on purpose, but his behavior lately has led fans to believe maybe he doesn’t care. Recently Southern Charm showed him bringing the two girls from Austen Kroll’s now-infamous threesome video. This could have been in retaliation to Madison LeCroy saying Shep gave Danni Baird an STD.

This loud accusation took Danni down with Shep Rose leading several cast members to say that was a low blow. It makes sense that to hit back at Madison he wouldn’t care to drag Austen down with him. He also recently deleted his account after he was relentlessly dragged for making fun of a homeless woman. That’s why when the reunion was set to air, fans wondered what he might say to get himself in trouble again.

What Did Shep Rose Star Say At The Reunion?

During the reunion host, Andy Cohen asked Naomie Olindo if her boyfriend Metul Shah was controlling. Fans have said they think he tells her what o do too much. Shep Rose leaned over to Cameron Eubanks and said, “he’s from a male-dominated society,” according to The Cheat Sheet.

Once Naomie finished talking Shep asked his own question. “Do you think it’s cultural at all? Cause my dad’s best friend and business partner is Indian and I was like, telling him about y’all’s relationship and how much I like Metul and I told him about you not going to Colorado and he was like, ‘I understand that, I’m from India.'” The look on her face clearly said Shep Rose didn’t know what he was talking about.

She said, “I mean, Metul was born in D.C.” Afterward, Shep just sat in silence as he thought over what he said. It was a cringe-worthy moment.

The Southern Charm Star Attempts To Explain His Arrogance

At the reunion according to OK Magazine Andy Cohen said fans find Shep Rose to be a bully. He said he tries suppressing his anger, but he knows it’s there.

Shep said, “I grew up wanting really nothing and my grandmother was a pistol and she would make little snide comments.”He said he grew up with it and he knew there were some times he was out of line. Cameron agreed saying, “I think you need to seriously do some self-introspection and try to figure out what makes you get to this point of like just fire in your eyes.” Only time will tell if Shep will tone it down.


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