‘The Bachelor’: Colton Underwood Mislead Producers On His Girl Choices

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The Bachelor that brought Colton Underwood to our screens mainly got notice from fans when he famously jumped the fence.  Memes still use the moment over on Twitter. But, dedicated Bachelor Nation fans grew curious about his choices amongst the girls. Now, he revealed that sometimes he mislead the producers about his choices.

The Bachelor – Colton Underwood long favored Hannah B at the top of his list

Colton likes Hannah B a lot. In fact, he complained that he put Hannah at the top of his list but never got the date he hoped for. Speaking to the This American Life podcast, he explained that made him hide his real choices from the showrunners. He told Emanuele Berry that the producers often asked for him to “rank the girls.” E!News noted that this information relates to “behind-the-scenes of the show.” Apparently, the “producers would constantly check in to see who he liked.”

Obviously, if the producers know which contestants The Bachelor likes, they can manipulate the series to bring some additional drama. Colton became unhappy as “very early on, Hannah [B] was up there. And she got left off of a date.” He questioned this in the podcast saying he felt “a little burnt when they did that. I was like, so let me get this straight. Hannah’s number one on my list right now, and she’s not getting a date this week?”

Colton learns to mislead the producers with choices

Hannah B remained at the top of his choices for most of the show. But, Colton often chose women that he wasn’t totally into. He hoped that would stop them ruining his chances with Hannah. Well, even though he lied to the producers, it turned out that Hannah never remained his top choice. We saw The Bachelor alum changed his mind. Actually, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Tayshia Adams made it way beyond Hannah. However, he opted for neither of them.

At the end of the show, we saw he’d decided on Cassie Randolph. In fact, it looks like their relationship turned out very well. Speaking to US Weekly, the couple noted they look back and realize how far they’ve come since the show. Not yet engaged, they prefer not to rush things. He said, “We want to build such a strong foundation for ourselves to use to sort of launch us for the rest of our lives and that’s what we’re doing.” He also feels no need to rush anything that will “last a lifetime.”


What do you think about the gameplay that Colton Underwood adopted by misleading the producers of the show? Perhaps, played a different way, he may well have ended up with Hannah B. However, he’s moved on and so has Hannah. Now, we wait in the hopes of a formal engagement by Colton and Cassie Randolph. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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