Tanner, Jade Tolbert Don’t Make It to Ashley I, Jared’s Wedding

Jade and Tanner Tolbert Instagram

Tanner and Jade Tolbert are great friends of Ashley I and Jared Haibon. Tanner was even supposed to officiate the wedding. That didn’t end up happening though. Tanner shared on his Instagram today about why they had to miss the wedding.

Tanner and Jade Tolbert’s reason for missing

If you check out the Instagram post below, Tanner made it clear that they are sad to miss out on this big day.


Tanner commented on it explaining the reason they didn’t make the wedding. Jade just had a baby and she ended up having it in her closet. It turns out that they talked to a few pediatricians and were given the advice not to travel with the baby yet.


Jade shared that she has been a bit teary today dealing with missing this day. They all support each other and get along great. Sadly, things just didn’t work out where they can be there for the big day. Because of the reason, you know that Ashley and Jared understand.


Their love story

Ashley I knew that Jared was the one for her as soon as she met him at Bachelor in Paradise. The thing is it took Jared a bit longer to figure it all out. After years, he finally realized that his best friend was the girl he should be with forever. Today, they finally get married. Tanner and Jade Tolbert saw their love before Jared even did.

They show that love can be found on reality television. Both of these couples met on Bachelor in Paradise. They got their happy endings, so it will be interesting to see what couples do this season.

Are you shocked to hear that Tanner and Jade Tolbert missed the wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss the new season of Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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