‘The Rookie’ Under Fire For Sexual Harassment

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ABC Network’s The Rookie, premiered in October of last year bringing a new style of TV police drama. The series centers around rookie LAPD recruit John Nolan, played by Firefly actor Nathan Fillian. Season 1 followed Nolan, a forty year old rookie cop, as he adjust to a new city and a new career. Along the way, Nolan faces moral dilemmas, suicidal subjects, and near death experiences. He is guided by training officer Talia Bishop played by Shades of Blue star Afton Williamson.

Season 1

The Rookie began strong, but saw its number begin to decline as the series progressed through its first season. The Season 1 finale, entitled Free Fall, ended will fellow patrolman Tim Bradford, played by fashion model Eric Winter, being infected with a deadly disease as a result of a biochemical terrorist attack. Bradford is given an experimental cure that appears to be working. However, a look of weariness comes over his face before collapsing to the ground. The screen goes black and fans are left wondering what is to come of Officer Bradford.

Season 2

With mediocre ratings, fans were anxious to hear news of a renewal after the season ended in April of this year. Their worries were short lived as ABC announced that The Rookie would return for a second season less than a month later.

Where’s Bishop?

The Rookie may be coming back for another season, but Nolan will have to complete his training without Field Training Officer Bishop. Afton Williamson recently announced on her Instagram account that she would not be returning for Season 2 of The Rookie. Williamson made claims of sexual harassment and racial discrimination that occurred while filming Season 1. Williamson named Demetrius Grosse, who plays Detective Kevin Wolfe in the series, saying,

“This season on The Rookie, I was sexually harassed by fellow actor Demetrius Grosse.”

Williamson also claimed she was racially discriminated against by Sally Nicole Ciganovich who is the Hair Department Head for the series. Because of all of this she left the show.

Message To The Fans

Williamson’s accusations were brief in her post to Instagram. Instead she focussed on thank her fans for their support. Her focus was aimed at the many victims of sexual harassment.

“I never imagined so many of us have experienced these horrible circumstances and that can NO LONGER GO UNHEARD. We have a voice. ALL OF US. It is our DUTY to use it.”


It is unknown yet the validity of the accusations or what actions will be taken against the accused. One thing is for certain. Sexual harassment is not uncommon and change can only be made by those who choose to have a voice.

Mandy Robinson

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