‘The Little Couple’: Will And Zoey Attend Their First-Ever Summer Camp

The Little Couple Will and Zoey summer camp

The Little Couple just flew back to the USA from India. Jen Arnold posted some photos of them on the 24-hour trip back stateside, but it’s not over yet. Already, the family prepares for Will and Zoey to attend their first-ever Summer Camp. And, it’s not just around the corner, either. Fans of the TLC show can rest assured that the little people will not be bullied at camp, as it’s specially programmed for kids with medical needs.

The Little Couple kids, Zoey and Will look forward to their camp

With the new season of The Little Couple just days away, fans are keen to catch up with the family and Jen does a sterling job of that on her Instagram. Taking to her Instagram Sunday night, she shared that Will and Zoey now travel to their first-ever summer camp. Actually, Jen looks like anything but a stern doctor in the picture. It really looks like she’s loving being a mom and enjoys the kids’ adventures as much as they do.

She captioned her photo with, “Selfie fun! Traveling again… this time for camp! Will & Zoey are going to their first away camp!” Of course, fans picked up from her hashtags, that the kids are off to Camp Korey, a long way from home. @megafuss50 said, “That is a LONG way to go for sleep away camp! Is there something about this particular camp?” Well, the answer is yes. Camp Korey’s a camp that accommodates kids with medical needs.


First-Ever Summer at Camp Korey

For the kids of The Little Couple, they won’t need to worry about bullying. That’s because the kids who go there all suffer from one medical or physical issue or another. Over on their website, they explain how it works. Camp Korey notes their mission is “to honor the courage, strength, and determination of children and their families living with life-altering medical conditions by providing them with a transformational experience in a fun, safe camp environment with specialized medical support.”

Other useful information, is that it costs the parents nothing for kids to attend. They credit their sponsors and volunteers, writing, “Thanks to the generous support of our donors, community partners, and volunteers, we host hundreds of campers and families each year at Camp Korey­—at no cost to the families.” Plus the kids get to really enjoy just being kids. They can learn horseback riding, enjoy fishing and generally have a real summer adventure. Of course, we don’t know but it’s a possibility that Jen might even volunteer there on occasion.


What do you think about Will and Zoey getting ready to attend their first-ever summer camp at Camp Korey? Do you hope they have a total blast out there? Hopefully, we’ll see lots of photos of their fun-time posted up by my mom Jen Arnold.

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