Trista Sutter, The First ‘Bachelorette,’ Shares Her Health Scare

Trista Sutter Instagram

Many people know Trista Sutter as the woman who started the Bachelorette phenomenon. She and her husband Ryan have been a staple in the reality TV royalty world.

The couple was on The Bachelorette and Trista choose Ryan. The two were then paid a million dollars for their televised wedding and are still together. Recently Trista Sutter went to her Instagram to share a health scare she experienced along with a picture of her and her kids.

Trista Sutter Shared News About Her Health On Instagram

First, she said on the post she struggled whether or not to share what happened, but she said, “I want to share my truth but not for followers or likes or any type of sympathy. I want to connect…actually am looking for answers.”

She went to bed with cold-like symptoms after taking melatonin and nighttime cold medicine. Two hours after she fell asleep, she woke up with really intense pain in her abdomen between her ribs. Waking Ryan up, she told him to call 911 because she couldn’t get out of the bed to do it. By the time he got them to answer she was writhing in pain. She said the pain was similar to before she had her gallbladder removed. This time was a little different because she couldn’t breathe.

The Bachelorette Alum Talked About The Intense Pain She Felt On Instagram

Trista Sutter writes, “I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like maybe my diaphragm was cramping & stuck. But not just cramping. Soooo freaking tight & sooo freaking sharp. Like I was being stabbed. My hands were tingling & I felt like I could faint.” She said she wanted to faint but just focused on not throwing up.

After this, the pain came and went until she arrived at the hospital. When they gave her pain medicine and a sedative, she said the pain finally went away. The doctor was stumped as to what happened. All the tests and her electrolytes were normal. Trista Sutter is asking for her followers to help her if they’ve experienced anything like this before. She ended the post saying she will do anything to stay alive and well for her kids and her husband.

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